Terrified About the Possibility of an Acoustic Neuroma!

Discussion in 'Support' started by baddream, Feb 13, 2016.

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      i've had tinnitus for awhile now, in both ears, since maybe 2010 at earliest. not sure how it started but i remember one day hearing ringing in both ears.

      over time (5ish years) its subdued to a low rumbling in both ears and that was good, i was feeling happy about being free from the ringing.

      the concerning part is a few months ago, i woke up one morning with random new 'morse code/singing/bird chirping/fluttering' low frequency (1450hz) tinnitus in my RIGHT ear only!!!! and it's loud, i hear it pretty much everywhere I go. it's like the volume is constantly going up and down per SECOND. very annoying and debilitating

      this, accompanied with 'ear fullness' that i've been experiencing in my right ear for atleast a year now, as well as noticing that my right ear has been slightly less clear and hears less than my left ear, noticed that symptom about a year and a half ago. i've had a handful of hearing tests trying to figure out my tinnitus, and it's been shown that my right ear has a slight dip (not sure, they said it was very subtle)

      It seems like it has only gotten worse, since then, though. the area around my right ear feels 'hot' and 'full' also there is a slight sensation of facial numbness when i compare touching my right cheek and left cheek...

      Since this new ringing sound in my right ear only, and the fullness, i've been wondering why this would randomly happen, and my research has led me to acoustic neuroma,...

      let me also say my dentist has suspected TMJ issues in the past, and I wear a mouth guard at night to help with biting/grinding of my jaw. (they suspected I have tinnitus because of TMJ issues ,but i don't know anymore)

      Since all of this new information, and comparing my symptoms with acoustic neuroma, i'm desperately afraid and scared that I could have a tumor... music is my life and I cannot afford to lose ANY hearing, as i'm an already depressed and anxious person, I can't imagine life after finding this out...

      anyway I went to my GP and she ordered a CT scan, and I recently had that done complete with contrast dye. I am waiting for the results..

      If CT scan shows nothing, should I be worried, and want an MRI? I've read CT scan can sometimes not show AN's.

      Any advice is appreciated.
    2. Dana

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      not known, too many possible causes
      The chances of developing AN on both nerves and starting to have symptoms on both sides the same day are ZERO. So the cause of your initial problems are not two ANs.
      Many of us wake up with a new sound and fullness for apparently no reason, but that doesn't mean that on top of the previous problems an AN developed, undetectable by a CT. I have never heard of an AN causing ear fullness.
      Stop worrying. You will drive yourself crazy for no reason.
    3. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      With ear problems it can cause face problems as your middle ear houses the facial nerve so try not to worry .
      Keep us posted and keep posting for support.
      Lots of love glynis
    4. Steve H

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      Flu, Noise-induced, Jaw trauma
      You should be wary looking up symptoms and comparing your own as you will nearly always find a similarity and scare yourself.

      The fullness in your ears could be down to the stress and anxiety. If you carry the stress in your shoulders, neck and jaw and have issues around there then this can have an effect on your ears. I have it. Your ears feel full and you want to unblock them all the time but can't seem to. For me they are generally better in the morning after rest.

      I've also had a dip in my right ear for years and it hasn't got in the way of music for me, you adapt to it without even realising. Try not to worry over it because it does no good, if you attend to each little change you will just drive yourself mad as tinnitus does often change frequently. Get on with music, enjoy it.
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      Just wondering how you're getting along @baddream ? I am currently having very similar symptoms (also in right ear) and am upset that 4 different doctors will not order any further imaging. I would feel a whole heck of a lot better if I could rule out the worst of the possibilities!
    6. David Bateman

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      My tinnitus stated in my left ear in early 2015 and my GP referred me to the ENT hospital, unfortunately I was foolish and consulted DR Google and became petrified that I had an acoustic neuroma resulting in symptoms that made me feel constantly feel dizzy, I could not walk to my local supermarket without feeling sick. My GP said that it was possible that my symptoms were down to my anxieties.

      I was prescribed an anxiety medication and a MRI was ordered the MRI was done without dye and my hearing was tested all came back clear, my symptoms fortunately had cleared before the results came in.

      A year later 2016 my left tinnitus ear started itching intermittently, this set my anxieties off again, my ear has since stopped itching but occasionally my left ear has the feeling of fullness which is varies in strength and is intermittent depending on my anxiety levels, my ear is clear when my mind is fully occupied and upon awaking in the morning.

      Has anybody else experience similar symptoms? and can I trust an MRI without contrast dye???
    7. PaulBe

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      Probably sound, though never proven
      I'd feel validated if an Acoustic neuroma popped up in me. A diagnosis at last, and potentially treatable too. To me it would be a step up from where I've been.
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    8. GregCA

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      Have you had the MRI images reviewed by multiple doctors? Getting a handful of opinions can help. Either they'll reassure you that nothing is there and you'll feel better, or someone will find something and you'll be glad that you're not in the dark anymore (it happened to me, but for a CT scan).
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    9. linearb

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      if you want to get an MRI so that you can stop worrying about this, I'd say that's reasonable (I did it!) -- but, if you do that, keep foremost in mind that you're basically doing it so you can feel less anxious, not because there's really any significant chance of finding anything.
    10. David Bateman

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      Saw my G.P who looked into my left ear and pronounced that there was a deep plug of wax in it, anxiously awaiting for my ear to be cleaned / irrigated. Although ear drops prescribed to soften the wax has actually made my ear feel worse today. Fingers crossed.

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