The "Ease" of Habituation

Discussion in 'Support' started by Blujay, Oct 14, 2015.

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      Valerie wrote regarding habituation of tinnitus:

      "A lot of us just got sick and tired of being told "it's just a sound", "it's your reaction", "it's like living next to train tracks/airport, fridge noise, grandfathers ticking clock"..."

      Yes. I question this analogy, too. I was recently at a friend's house, sitting next to a ticking clock. It did not take me 18 to 24 months to habituate.
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      Habitation for me means you have got use to your tinnitus and know how it can make you feel and also know how you manage to cope through the hard times with what you have lernt to pull you through the toughest mental torture times.
      Lernt to live your live as before tinnitus and enjoying your life again and dealing with your emotions.

      We all need support sometimes,even us oldies to tinnitus and a hug and cuddle goes a long way.....lots of love glynis
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      Or five years plus. My refrigerator started making a new noise last night. At first I thought it was a new noise in my head. I realized it was the refrigerator, this analogy that so many use about tinnitus being like your refrigerator noise is very off base for me and frankly insulting. If my tinnitus could be masked by the noise from the refrigerator I probably never would have sought out a support group. I know these groups are for all and while envious of those with minor tinnitus difficulties I hear their pain too but I feel many treat those of us still suffering very flippant. I'm glad some tinnitus can be masked and forgotten about like that but mine is not. Please remember those of us who still struggle, their are different degrees of tinnitus. You wouldn't treat a minor headache and a migraine the same way.
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