The Loud Sound of the Smartphone's Vibration from Notifications Messages at Night by My Bed

Discussion in 'Support' started by IvanRus, Jun 26, 2018.

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      Last night I watched the Russian-Uruguay football match.

      After the match, I discussed the match in the chat rooms of Telegram and other social networks.

      It was already late (the second hour of the night) - and I was doing it lying in bed with a smartphone, when I started to fall asleep I put the phone on the bedside table next to the bed, but forgot about the internet and Telegram notifications of fatigue.

      I was notified of messages all night long. The sound itself was quiet, but a loud vibration (since the vibrating signal was also turned on). The smartphone lay on a wooden bedside table and it made the vibration very loud.

      I do not know why I did not wake up. But, can this be dangerous to the ear? Someone had a similar experience.

      I woke up broken and with a headache.
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      Listen to my short situation.
      Last night I watched a football match between Russia and Uruguay on TV.
      After that, already lying in my bed (it was the second hour of the night), I talked with a smartphone about the match in Telegram and other soc. networks.

      When I was completely tired and started to sleep, I pushed the smartphone to the bedside table next to the bed and fell asleep.

      But I forgot to disconnect the Internet connection, as well as sound and vibro-alerts about messages.

      All night long I received notifications of messages with a loud vibration signal, which was amplified by the acoustics of the wooden bedside table.
      The smartphone all night was about a meter away from my ears. I do not understand why this did not wake me up.

      In the morning I woke up with a slight headache, and broken. Also, it seems, tinnitus has slightly increased.

      Tell me, do you think that this could adversely affect the ear and tinnitus?

      Acoustic injury, or auditory fatigue?

      Were there any similar cases?
      Thank you
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      Meniere's Disease
      I think the vibration should be fine.
      I won't take mine in the bedroom but if I'm awake I go downstairs to catch up on TT and TH awhile having a hot drink.
      My hubby charges his up at night on the kitchen worktop and can hear it keep going ping!
      I keep my notifications off
      even vibrations
      love glynis x
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