The Noises in My Head Are So Loud I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Armymedic68, Mar 9, 2016.

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      The army issued...gave? hearing aids to help with the tinnitus. They help me understand people talking to me better but that's about it. Now I am plagued with a new sound and it's like a high woooooooo sound, kind of like a wind tunnel. I have about 4 tones that are high pitched. I need help. It's making me crazy
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      Hi, I am also serving in the military and got T after not protecting my ears when shooting. You might be interested in the thread Back to silence in Success stories.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Sorry
      Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your new T condition. Have you tried masking the high pitched sounds with some high pitched nature sounds? I have had very high pitched T too. I had to mask all day, even partially, when my T was relatively new. It has helped to ease over the unbearable annoyance of T.

      A few years back I went through 'hell' with my ultra high pitch dog whistle T. It seems much worse than a dentist drill. It cuts through everything. I could hear it above the jet noise inside during flights and even above the sound of the raging & roaring rapids in the salmon rivers I fish. Worst, as if my sufferings weren’t enough, T was soon followed by severe hyperacusis. H turned all normal sounds glassy and piercingly hurtful to the ears and all sounds seem too loud to bear. I had to wear ear plugs but the plugs blocked off all outside masking sounds, making the T scream so much more unbearable. There is no lesser choice among them and there is no escape.

      Worst still, being someone suffering with prior history of anxiety & panic disorder, T & H literally triggered and opened the flood gate of hell of relentless anxiety & panic attacks with their own set of horrible symptoms. These attacks combined with the suffering of T & H were so unlivable that I doubted if I could survive them for life. I was turned into a physical and mental wreck for months. It was a super tough time, but I manage to survive and overcome T & H with the help of forum support & learning some insights & strategies. Like many others, I wrote my success story and mention some important points and strategies that have helped. For brevity, if you are interested to read how I turned around my T suffering, here is the link to my story:

      I am not alone in getting better over time. Many others get well too and we wrote our success stories. Read as many success stories as you can and you will be comforted that people do get better over time. If you need some masking suggestions, here are some excellent sounds. Take care & God bless.

      1) Mask at bed time so you can sleep better. Find whatever sounds/music that are soothing to you. You can use a sound machine or sound pillow for this, or a computer with speakers.

      2) If you need masking on the go, try load an ipad with nature sounds or music using itune, or use smart phone. You can also order some nature sounds via ‘itune’ to play on your PC and download to the ipad.

      3) Try these excellent masking sounds:

      TT's audio player:

      or download free sound generator ‘aire freshener’:

      or make your own rain sound:

      or search youtube with words like 'tinnitus masking sounds', 'white noise', 'rain sound' etc.

      And if you need DIY notched Acoustic Coordinated Reset Neuromodulation (ACRN):

      (please be careful and research the pro and con on ACRN before proceeding with caution)

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