The Race to Effective Treatments

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      The space race increased competition between the Soviets and the US in their endeavours, which many say the Soviets won not least because of the MIR space station, although the US had the first man on the moon. All great achievements. I will reserve judgement. These projects were adequately funded and well supported.

      There are many involved in a race to cure tinnitus and hearing loss but its hampered by a lack of priority in terms of support and funding. Despite this we see great results coming from Sheffield, Portugal, France, US, China, and elsewhere. The UK has recognised that it has neglected auditory science and medicine and now its a top 5 priority. I think China is making leaps and bounds in terms of the quality of their research, how soon before they surpass the rest?

      As recognition of the scale of the problems caused by these conditions, and the tools now available to investigate them becomes more powerful, it is inevitable that there will be a continual accelerated effort to resolve these issues, resulting in effective treatments to meet the unmet need.

      However what we are lacking is a commitment from Governments worldwide to tackle this head on, sweeping it under the carpet is simply a dereliction of duty. This is perhaps the biggest roadblock to a cure or effective treatments and has and will continue to hamper progress despite the economic loss of hundreds of billions every year. Hare brained ? indeed.

      I suppose it doesn't have the glamour or cachet of the space mission, but the winners will have a huge advantage in science akin to space mission, with spin offs and applications that will be far reaching, and having that technological advantage will lead to an economic advantage, in so many ways.

      That's the prize for those who are not just thinking of short term gain and profits and advantage.
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