The Science of a Spike

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How often do you notice an actual temporary difference in loudness or activity of your tinnitus?

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    1. st0rch

      st0rch Member

      Taylorsville, Utah
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      Acoustic Trauma
      The title says it all. What causes a spike?

      When I first joined these forums, my tinnitus was relentless and brutal, there was no such thing as a "spike" and I figured everyone who was talking about a spike was just paying too much attention to their T. I am fully aware that this is not the case at all.

      Since then, My T has calmed. I'm almost two years into this thing and today, my tinnitus can randomly be heard over anything and everything. I'm praying to god it is just spiking, and am thinking it's because I was listening to music a bit loud today, but would like to know what causes this as I feel it might make me feel better on the days that it is roaring.

      Is there a science behind this? Does it, (will mine) settle down, and why? I have assumptions of why this has caused but I'd like some info from someone that may be a bit more knowledgeable or have a better educated guess.
    2. RB2014

      RB2014 Member Benefactor

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      12/2014 became noticable
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      Loss of hearing and then stress and anxiety
      I have T and what I call baseline is barely noticeable. You can get a spike. Go have the doctor perform some painful procedure and you will get a spike. When they administer AM-101 you get a spike for the first day or two because they poked your eardrum. If I get no sleep and the next day I take a quick 5 minute nap and wake up I get a spike. Go have yourself some stress or anxiety and get a big spike. Go have a panic attack and get an even bigger spike. Get H and get an incredibly big spike. Basically if your body is not emotionally perfect and happy and calm you can get a spike. Get really nervous over something and you can get a spike. Go to a rock concert and get a 3 day super loud spike. Go shoot a gun and get a spike. I'm not sure if I covered them all, but I think you get the idea. Spikes can happen and they do and they can happen for many many reasons.
      Most peoples T settles down even after a spike. If you can fix whatever caused it in the first place, you should go back to baseline. If you cant fix whatever caused it generally time will cause it to calm down again.
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    3. Paul201

      Paul201 Member

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      Just from random thoughts on it, maybe over sensitive hair cells or some nerve stems that have been changed/damaged in some way and don't react as they should do. Maybe parallel it to an old back injury that you know that if you do certain things it will cause pain/discomfort which will calm down again with some care. As scans and cameras etc get more powerful im sure more insight will come into it. Hopefully some day ears will be like knees, which is scan, diagnosis and treatment that actually works, instead of, get used to it as it aint going away
    4. RaZaH

      RaZaH Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

      Reykjavík, Iceland
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      Benzo + loud noise
      Same here , only just recently learned what a spike is , my T was just completely relentless.
      Used to think that maybe spikes were a healing process , nothing to back that up though.
    5. bictors

      bictors Member

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      @RaZaH anithing new with the spike, i hope you are better. I have tinnitus for 5 months, but this last 3 days are really bad with one huge spike. A spike can take days?

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