The Search for a Cure (Responses from Dr. Roland Schaette)

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Dani, Sep 18, 2013.

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      I think so. But it is an epilepsy drug, which means that its use as a treatment of tinnitus would be "off-label." Of course, this doesn't mean you won't be able to get a prescription, as all drugs prescribed for tinnitus are off-label! The problem is that retigabine has some nasty side effects that might make your doctor reluctant to prescribe.

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      Thank you Golly.. I wasn't so much in this subject. I have to ask, and if it's off-label, so I am afraid
      I won't get it...

      Greets tomytl
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      I would be happy with a TREATMENT that worked in lieu of a cure. I can take a Tylenol to get rid of a headache, but there's nothing I can take to stop the incessant noise. It really wears me down!!
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      Thats whats gonna come first i think... Either am 101 which will down the noise down for some and then aut00063 which will prob do the same if it works out and then all that combined with some stimulation of the brain or whatever there doing in trials now and everything else thats being created something will have an effect on all types of T like they said its not gonna be a one type cure until we get there but treatments to down the volume will be coming and people will just have try out everything and find oit what makes there volume go downnnnn. And like the stimulation thing.. You may have to do it for everyday if it works but hey id take some time out of my day to do that if it quiets the T :)
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      This was probably my case. I was coming off of zolpidem when it hit me hard ...and I was also having withdrawal symptoms. This drug acts on the GABA receptors and obviously caused some kind of chain reaction in the inner ear. I hope mine will resolve soon but it has been almost 3 months now. Seems that there must be a drug to stop this chain reaction.
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      Yes, it's an anti-epileptic. There was one guy here at one point that was going to try and get it prescribed off label.
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      i'm sure that sooner or later one of these researchers will crack the nut and come up with a cure or a maintenance program for T. unfortunately I believe that the maintenance program is what they are all looking for, let's face it folks, investors don't want to see a 1 time pill and you're cured. they won't get return on their investment that way.
      but I am sure for those of us who suffer from T will take whatever they give us as long as the noise goes away.

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