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      Hi all. The ones that have read my previous posts will no that the last few weeks I've been scared ... Very scared. I got a non stop buzzing I'm my ears that I never thought was going to go. It came from no where,, no load bangs. No meds. Nothing. Only explanation was a recent plane flight. Well it's been my second day of silence. It's gone away 99%. Just a mild hiss if I listen for it. And I'm hopeing it will improve as time goes on. In a short space of time I've met some amazing brave people on here. That gave me hope. And I've learned to look at life differently. I will be spending the rest of my life taking extra care of my ears. And praying for all that suffer this sound. And also praying For a recovery for them. There is hope!.. I will always be grateful for each day. And hope that it never returns. Please never give up hope folks. The human body and mind is an amazing thing. God bless you all.
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