This Is My Story and How I Won My War Against Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by naggy, Jan 31, 2016.

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      Yes I know, you heard it before.... Stop thinking about it! Easier said than done!

      But the fact is tinnitus is only as distressing as you let it be!

      I developed tinnitus in late 2014! I had labyrinthitis which left me with vertigo, and while reading symptoms a few months into the condition I saw that labs gives you tinnitus so I checked my ears and boom tinnitus was there!!!

      Ironically I heard my tinnitus before but never really paid attention to it, just figured it was the background noise of the city.... but after I realized it was tinnitus inside my brain, hell broke loose! Anxiety, panic attacks, I would wake up in the middle of the night terrified and my tinnitus whistling almost like a tea kettle!!!

      I would hear it on top of traffic, when the Tv was on, while walking on crowded streets!!! I would look at strangers and be jealous because they probably didn't hear my hell 24/7!!! I got to the point where I was thinking dying is not as bad as it's an end to it all!!!

      I was afraid of the night because the tinnitus would get louder!! I saw tinnitus as this horrifying monster creeping on me ready to destroy my life!!!

      The more depressed, scared, anxious, nervous I was, the LOUDER TINNITUS WOULD GET!! Airplanes passing by would make my ears pop, I was starting to become sensitive to noise, sounds would screech in my ears and it just feed into my horror!!!!

      Eventually I got fed up with feeling sorry for myself, anxious and scared and decided to go for a walk at night, I decided that I could no longer live like this (after several months of hell) and craploads of doctors I realized that no one could help me except myself.

      I decided to change three things in my life that was contributing to my misery.

      1. FUCKING INTERNET, yes... I would google and google and google ALL DAY LONG about tinnitus and would read medical neurological books online and get even more anxious!

      2. I became a couch potato idiot who forgot to live always on the internet googling tinnitus! (while the rest of the world kept going)

      3. I needed to focus on something else!

      I started to exercise, youtube has plenty of channels with videos that have fitness programs for free that you can do in the comfort of your own home!

      I started to go out more

      and the most important part of the battle (I started to tell myself that I accept tinnitus), even though deep inside I didn't want to, I kept telling myself that it is ok, I accept it as part of who I am, it is my new reality and my peace of mind is more important.

      Eventually after a month of so of making changes, I started to notice a real change in me!! I was less focused on google and more eager to go out and do things. While I would think about tinnitus here and there, it was no longer a 24/7 thing!!

      My mind relaxed and with that.... I realized that airplanes passing by had stopped making my ears pop, tinnitus stop waking me up at night whistling like a tea kettle, I could hardly hear tinnitus on a busy street and at night while I would hear it, I would only pay attention to it for a few seconds before I fell asleep!! When I was panicky my ear would get warm and sort of hurt, and after I relaxed I never had that again!!!


      Now I look back and I realize all the whistling, popping, ear full sensations, headaches around the ear, and all those other symptoms I felt and many of you feel, had disappeared COMPLETELY after I relaxed the Fvck down!!! YES ANXIETY WAS MAKING IT ALL WORST THAN IT TRULY IS!

      Today I still have tinnitus 24/7 and at times I kind of beats to my heart then goes back to constant, but guess what? I don't hear it! I only hear it if I look for it and while in silence I hear it but in a matter of seconds my mind is somewhere else and tinnitus virtually disappears!!!

      please relax and know that tinnitus is NOT GOING TO KILL YOU, and it's as distressing as you let it be!!! it is a problem because you say it's a problem, embrace it and the monster will disappear!!!

      Good luck!
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      Congratulations, your post has really spoke to me. My mood and anxiety definitely has effect on my tinnitus. I was thinking of doing some of that meditation thing and see if it can reduce my stress levels.

      Also that googling couch potato comment is me all over :) I will definitely start working on that.
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      Excellent, thank you! Five months in, I only notice it at home but I am positive this too will pass.
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      Really don't know
      Thanks .. It really gives me hope!!!!!
    5. AUTHOR

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      Your brain CONTROLS your body, and YOU CONTROL YOUR BRAIN!

      Honestly, I know it's hard but you are the one in charge!!!

      don't let some whinny sound ruin the only life you have, especially when you are the one in control!
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      Loud Indoor Rock Concert
      This is so important, acceptance. When you make peace with this enemy of yours, it becomes so easier to deal with. And yes it's our only chance other than waiting for some treatments, fighting does not help as this is a fight you cannot win. I've past this stage too, in peace with this condition i have, accepted my new me. I do not talk about this to anyone, my wife to start with. The more i ignore it the more it fades into background. I do not even try to suppress or mask it as i consider these as fighting.

      Happy to see people go into this route and find their own peace. :)
    7. AUTHOR

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      It totally is.... Acceptance is the key! One you accept, you get rid of anxiety (which is the worse thing to deal with) anxiety is louder than the tinnitus itself in most cases!

      With anxiety out of the picture, tinnitus gets so much easier to deal with!

      It's ironic how powerful the mind is, my tinnitus has been pretty ignorable and constant for months and months now, but since I started visiting this website my tinnitus has spiked at night! (that alone shows you how powerful the mind is!)
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      Noise exposure
      Hey, congrats that you've been through this.

      Just wanna know: do you describe your ear full sensations, aching like H?

      Thank you

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