Thought I Might As Well Present My Case

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by nitro5601, Nov 4, 2015.

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      I'm new, obviously. I just thought I might as well present my case to see if anyone has any suggestions, similar experiences, or answers.

      I am current 18 years old. About a year and a half ago my tinnitus started after I was cleaning my ear with one of those ear pipette things. I also had a cold. It is only in my right ear and it started immediately after spraying the water in. At first it was a lower tone that gradually got higher to what it is today. It is a constant tone and it goes on 24/7 I wouldn't say it is extremely loud however it is defiantly noticeable in any sort of quitish environment. The volume has also remained consent.

      A few things I have learned about it is if I turn my head all the way to the right to the point of not being able to turn it anymore, it becomes louder. The same is true if I move my jaw, however it makes different noises depending on the direction I move my jaw. I have also noticed that if I place my ear up to for example a vibrating neck messager and hold it there for a little bit, once I take it off the ringing will be completely gone for a few seconds and then return with a different tone that eventually goes back to the original. It also seems to be louder in the morning, as well as after I exercise.

      I've gone to my PCP who referred my to an ENT who referred me to an audiologist who referred me to a chiropractor. I'll just list their findings.

      -No earwax
      -Did exam and couldn't find anything obvious.
      -Gave me the steroid pack which I tried and found no relief.
      -Did an MRI to check for an Acoustic neuroma and didn't find anything.
      -Did hearing test and confirmed that I have exceptional hearing at all tones.
      -Did 3 sessions with a focus on the neck. No change.

      I've also tried Ginko for 3 months and did not notice a difference. Like I said, if anyone has any suggestions based on the information I provided or a similar experience I would be happy to hear it.

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      Ketogenic diet. You need to make a change to expect a change in T
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      your story is similar to mine, im a 25 year old male and got tinnitus at 24. i went to a doctor who washed out my ear using a water irrigatior. the doctor dis not tell me to soften the wax with drops beforehand (which i found unusual) after the treatment i noticed the tinnitus which has now gotten louder

      i went to audiologists and they say i have perfect hearing
      i had a CT scan and nothing

      how are you coping with it?

      @Joseph, is that diet you mentioned suppose to help tinnitus?
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      I am a college student so I keep plenty busy throughout the day to forget about it. The only trouble I really run into trouble is when I am trying to fall asleep. To me it seems like an absent of though it worse than an absent of noise. In a way it kind of has given me the motivation to get my work done!
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      correction- absent of thought
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      who knows? who cares?
      It sounds like you've gone medically what you can do. Your tinnitus isn't anything that is harmful to your health (the MRI would have found out if it were). As far as it going away, you've had it for a short-ish amount of time, so it's always possible it resolves on it's own. But as time passes, that likelihood diminishes. It sounds like you're coping ok, which is good. Many people 'mask' at night to help themselves sleep (myself included). But since it doesn't seem to effect your daily life too badly, I'd say just keep doing what you're doing and live your life. You will hear lots of people suggesting different supplements and diets, etc. for your T. The truth is there is exactly zero statistically valid medical evidence that ANY of these things work. Zero. If you need to do something to better improve your life, CBT and TRT are two methods that some people use, and there is a bevy of medical evidence that these things work. But they're generally for people who are dealing poorly with their T. You seem to be doing fine, outside of sleep. I'd say you probably don't need either, and probably with the passage of time will simply not even need to mask at night. But any of the diets, supplements, ginko (which there is also medical evidence for, unfortunately it's that it doesn't work), are all the equivalent of magic beans. Millions of people have T. Most go on with their lives (something like 98% go on to fully habituate). If you want to throw salt over your shoulder, do a rain dance, etc, then feel free. I can't argue with ppl who are trying to feel better. But time is the best healer for T, and I'm sure it will be for you. A white noise app and moving on with your life is the best medicine....

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