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Discussion in 'Support' started by Julie, Oct 3, 2016.

    1. Julie

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      Fatigue, salt
      two weeks ago I posted a sucess story, saying I learnt to deal with it after 3 months. Well actually two, i just only posted it when I was sure. But now It's super loud and in class it's constantly there (normally I couldn't hear it) they say it's because I have a cold but I already feel like my process is gone... I didn't get it due to sound, neither do I have any hearing loss. They don't know the cause (The ent and audilogist) and said it would probably go away . But it's been over three months and I'm losing hope. I said i was okay if it wouldn't go away but I'm not so sure anymore.... Idk I feel like this was totally unfair. Everyone keeps telling me wow you're so strong! Sixteen and dealing with that (+several other things) but I don't think I am. I'm going insane again... After I thought I'd be fine.
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    2. fedup

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      So sorry this is happening to you and at such a young age . Very unfair. At one point I too thought i had control and was winning until my T returned even louder and i mean SUPER LOUD. I just keep hoping it will either drop or that i will get used to this new level .
      I too live in fear of getting a cold or a virus and it making my T worse.
      Anyway , you ARE tough and you have youth on your side . Things may well settle down . Try to keep strong . I know it is so hard and can be lonely but there are lots of kind ,understanding folk here. You are not alone.
      Try to relax and wait it out . I know its easy to say but I do understand .
      I wish you all the best . Don't give up
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    3. stophiss

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      too full a life
      If you feel like you are going off the rails mentally which btw, most here in the beginning of our tinnitus can clearly relate to, I strongly consider you seek a therapist through your medical doctor that can administer anti-depressant meds to help you cope through your difficult time. Not because you are crazy. Rather because you are completely sane and have every right to be freaked out by what you are going through. Nobody has strength to will to fight brain chemistry dramatically altered by a life changing event where you feel a profound sense of hopelessness. Things are far from hopeless, you just feel in your core that they are. Call it a false narrative you believe. So you need meds to bring your serotonin levels into balance so you can calm down. Call your family doctor today for a referral would be my suggestion.
      Best of luck.
      PS: your noise level will likely go down when you calm your brain down by taking a short term medication.
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    4. Jacob83

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      loud headphones
      You've been a success story before, I'm sure you can be one again even with stronger tinnitus. Once you find your distractions, T will be in the background and not in the front. Keep your head up.
    5. Michael Leigh

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      @Julie Julie, Did you listen to music through headphones before the onset of your tinnitus? If so, do you still listen to music through headphones or go to clubs where music is played loud?
    6. glynis

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      Sorry you are going through it all again.
      Tinnitus can be real mental torture and emotional too.
      I know it's the here and now we need help but time is a great healer and a lot of people to adjust.
      Try keep sound on around you and soft music through the night to help Mark it.
      We all totally understand what you are going through and here around the clock to support you.
      Try to relax as stress will make it worse.
      Sending you lots of love and hugs...lots of love glynis

      Stay strong duck xxx

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