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      I haven't heard of these guys before. Ting is a biotech company founded in 2018. Their research is still preclinical but it's another biotech joining the hearing regeneration and protection club.

      In 2010, Dr. Jian Zuo ( popularly known as JZ ) and Dr. Tal Teitz started working with a drug used in cancer treatment and adapting for use in the prevention and treatment of hearing loss due to aminoglycoside chemotherapy or noise. This led to the discovery of other drugs that can be used for the same purpose

      Ting Therapeutics, a biotechnology company was then setup in August 2018. Ting Therapeutics will also test the efficacy of the compounds used to protect against cisplatin- noise- and age-related hearing loss. This will lead to potential treatment of aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss in patients suffering from severe Gram-negative bacterial infections.

      Ting Therapeutics made up of scientists and researchers will bring these drugs into clinical trials before they are made available to the public.

      To prevent and treat hearing loss

      Ting Therapeutics is dedicated to creating a world where everyone hears

      We are driven by passion, dedication and creating a positive impact on communities​

      See more on their website:
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      Great find!

      They seem to have three drugs in their pipeline, all in the preclinical phase:
      • TT001, previously called AZD5438
      • TT002, previously called Niclosamide
      • TT003, previously called Piperlongumine
      Their pipeline page doesn't provide any more information about what each of these drugs does.

      Most of their research papers mention AZD5438. Like their blurb says, AZD5438 is a drug developed in 2009 to prevent cancer growth. This appears to be their lead candidate drug, as there are no mentions of either Niclosamide or Piperlongumine in their research papers. These other two drugs also aren't novel: Niclosamide is a drug used to treat tapeworms, and Piperlongumine is a compound extracted from a pepper plant. Both of them have been used for fighting cancer.
      There's a lot of info in their research papers about the potential of AZD5438 to prevent hearing loss, but I didn't manage to find anything about how exactly they want to treat hearing loss, much less attempt to regenerate hearing. I'd love to learn more about that if anyone can find it.
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      Definitely some ting to watch.
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      Idiopathic Cochleopathy or Maybe Loud Music
      I hope their research isn't disappoin ting.

      (Inspired by @CricketEars, great pun!)
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      Several reasons
      Both Otonomy and Decibel Therapeutics have drugs looking into preventing hearing loss due to Cisplatin. Decibel Therapeutics is supposed to release the top-line data for their Phase 1 trial 2Q22, so by the end of this month. Otonomy's drug is still in preclinical. I had never heard of Cisplatin induced hearing loss, it's kind of interesting to see all of these companies try to tackle it. I guess it's one of those hearing loss causes that affects a lot of people.
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      Nice find. Another company in the hearing loss race.
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