Tinnitus and Ear Wax

Discussion in 'Support' started by ThomDUK, Mar 26, 2016.

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      New to the board. Seems like a good place for advice.

      I've recently had an inflamed ear canal in my left ear which has been slowly healing. The main problem was with the tune behind the ear drum but as I say that's getting better now.

      Earlier this month I went to a concert and the next day was left with a ringing in my left ear. Not uncommon as I've been to many gigs and always get this the next day for about 24 hours if that. In fact I had been to a gig a few days before and had it. But this time it wouldn't go away. After a few days I saw a nurse who saw no problems with the ear drum but referred me to a GP.

      He looked and found a large build up of wax in the right ear, so much he couldn't see the eardrum. He said to start taking ear drops so I did.

      Now the day I went to the GP the ringing from the gig I think was a lot quieter, Still there though. I started doing the drops in the other ear and that started ringing...I assume it was because of extra pressure on the wax on the drum.

      It seems that the left ear has pretty much stopped ringing most days with just the right going as the wax presses against it but this morning I could swear it's in both, not as noticeable in the left though.

      Is it possible for the wax pressing against the ear to make it seem like the ringing is moving at all?

      Getting the right ear syringed on Monday morning and hoping that there will be relief for both sides.

      Any advice welcomed!
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      A warm welcome to the forum.
      Keep on with the drops to soften the wax prior to wax removal to soften any crustation around the drum.
      Hopefully that will stop the tinnitus as time will tell if it's from the gig.....lots of love glynis
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      I share similar experience over last gee days my tinnitus had incrrases in volume and my hearing was down.
      I went to an ENT hard wax was cleaned restoring my hearing and reducing my t by 70 percent

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