Tinnitus and Head / Neck / Jaw Position

Discussion in 'Support' started by CallMeTC, Dec 30, 2016.

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      Unknown, searching....
      Strangely and accidentally, I seem to have discovered that my tinnitus can be lessened (volume and tone) or completely be abated (no discernible sound) for anywhere from a minute or more depending on the position of my head/neck/jaw.

      Would this seem to indicate a TMJ / muscular cause for tinnitus that is more easily treated by massage / yoga ? I realize I may be being a bit hopeful, but it seems like if it were noise related (which it shouldn't be, don't go to clubs, concerts, lots of movies, listen to music loud or on headphones rarely ever) or drug induced (although I took ibuprofen liberally for pain over the last year, discontinued now given its propensity to cause / worsen T), it would not be affected so drastically by shifts in position?

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      Meniere's Disease
      Have your dentist do a jaw x-ray and check you for TH then can make you a mouth guard...lots of love Glynis
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