Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

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      I've had T since 1972, as a result of working around artillery and with pneumatic tools while in the Navy for three years. In those days, there was some thought of ear protection, but not strongly enough ingrained in the minds of the sailors with whom I shared duties. We were young, around 17-22, and thought nothing would hurt us. The warnings were simply not there.

      Today, I receive a ten percent VA compensation for tinnitus, but a zero percent compensation for hearing loss. Why can't hearing loss be directly related to the noise damage I suffered while in the Navy, and if it is, may I get the paperwork that shows that conclusion?

      For the past decade I've been wearing hearing aids. My left ear is worse than my right, and both continue to decline as the tests results can prove. I believe I should also be eligible for compensation for hearing loss due to noise damage. Can you help me to prove it, or give me research that points to a connection?

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      I'm sorry i can't speak to that. Perhaps an audiologist or otolaryngologist (ENT) might help.

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