Tinnitus and Vertigo — Can They Be Related?

Discussion in 'Support' started by PAUL BARKER, Aug 10, 2019.


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      Hi, my Name is Paul, from Surrey in the UK. I am a new member today.

      I have been suffering with constant bilateral tinnitus for about four months now. I am trying to cope as best I can, but I need not remind anyone on here how hard this can be at times.

      I had vertigo (dizziness) for about two months prior to the onslaught of my tinnitus. I no longer have the vertigo but I think the tinnitus may be here to stay. Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences? I am convinced they are linked and I am currently awaiting ENT appointment, however any input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance, peace and love to you all.

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    2. GregCA

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      Hi Paul,

      It is not surprising to see tinnitus and vertigo go hand in hand: both hearing and balance are managed by your inner ear.
      Have you gone down the diagnosis path with your doctors? What do they say?
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      It is a symptom cluster associated with Meniere's disease.


      You'll see that many people are experiencing these types of things as well, and even though it is not fun, you'll see that life certainly goes on and you will adapt and be mostly fine.
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    4. Chinmoku

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      Started with a cold, possibly worsened by medication/noise
      Hi Paul, the ENT will check your hearing. If you have hearing loss at low frequency and your vertigo is of a certain type (eg bouts of intense spinning) then you will possibly be diagnosed with Meniere. If you have no hearing loss at low frequencies and your dizziness is more a sense of unbalance with no strong spinning you could be diagnosed with BPPV, vestibular migraine or PPPD. Cochlear hydrops is another possible diagnosis. I hope it all resolves soon for you.
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    5. slipware

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      @PAUL BARKER. Sorry you have this miserable condition, as I’m sorry anybody has. I’m similar to you, but my dizziness comes and goes still. I have had a TIA and the tinnitus is from the damage, but there is no explanation for the room spinning vertigo. I’ve had MRI scan, and seen ENT and audiologist. My next visit will be neurologists. Don’t give up hope, I’ve had this for 7 years, it’s never going away, I just learn to live with it, sometimes that’s easier said than done! One specialist says could be Ménière’s, and other says no, it’s vestibular related. Hoe for you, the dizziness is gone, that’s the one thing I find hard, if not impossible to live through. Luckily it passes.
      In essence, sometimes there is just no answer to this problem.
    6. Candy

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      Hi Paul

      I’m not far from you... In terms of the symptom I would ask about cochlear hydrops, Meniere's.

      Look into TMJ causes as well, particularly if you have ear fullness... TMJ can be responsible but treatment is a bit of a long shot as far as the symptom of tinnitus goes.

      Do you have a masker? Helps me with the worse days... Ask to see an audiologist if you haven’t already.

      It’s hard in the beginning...time will help.

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