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      Hi. I have a question on ear protection effectiveness in avoiding hearing damage.

      Some background: in my case I already have T (of which cause is unknown). For hearing protection where it is load (music etc) I use molded ear plugs (or how do you call them). These molds have replaceable filters. The strongest one (which I have) mutes 25dB. Now, for my plugs there also exist completely sealed filters. It aren't filters anymore as they are just caps which completely seal the mold. I have to say that I always use the completely sealed caps as I feel that noise is even more reduced compared to the 25dB (which makes sense). I never have problems understanding people, whenever it is loud, people tend to scream anyway. Maybe the music experience isn't as good anymore, but it doesn't bother me. Also, apparently our hearing also adapts (probably comparable as what happens with our vision in the dark) , so after a while I don't even notice anymore that I wear them.

      Now, as for the question: is hearing damage still possible when your ears are completely sealed with these molded plugs? For example, noise also travels through bone (that's why we hear even when our ears are closed). Also, the molds still conduct noise to a certain extend. If I'm at loud concerts I always get the impression (after a while) that it is getting really loud (but this is probably due the hearing adaptation process).

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