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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by KS97, Oct 11, 2016.

    1. KS97

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      I have had tinnitus for just over 3 weeks now in my left ear (maybe left side of head is more accurate) or possibly both ears but the difference in volume is so major that the right is impossible to hear 99% of the time.

      The first 10 or so days were terrible and made me depressed as all hell and since then has been better but the only reason is because it has gotten quieter where I don't notice it watching TV etc. unless I try to.

      What should I be doing to try and fix it just now, I know very little can be done and it's probably permanent but there's a better chance of fixing it now than in a year. This has really opened my eyes about how pathetic the NHS is in the UK as it takes weeks to even get an appointment to get your hearing tested.

      To all you who have chronic intrusive tinnitus I have had a taste of what it is like to live as you do and you are all superhuman to say the least and my case is mild so I am baffled at how you can operate with roaring tinnitus.

      Let's all just hope someone like Elon Musk or whoever gets it because that'll be the only way we are ever going to get a cure if it's even possible. I'm not even reading over this again cause my phone is poop but whatever.

      Tinnitus is BS and anyone who has it I'm sorry that evolution has failed your ears. Isn't it kind of morbidly funny how there's a condition where a constant noise is perceived in the head and the noise you hear just so happens to be the same noise you will come across if you google "really annoying noise". Anyway I'm done ranting you are all superheros in my eyes.
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    2. Zorro!

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      Depending on the cause of your tinnitus a prescription for prednisone might help. There is no guarantee though.
    3. Kazue

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      Yo. I've had T for a month and concluded the that this is a permanent condition. One thing I've learn is that T feeds off anxiety and fear. If you relax and do something you love, you'll barely notice it. The brain can not multi task, which is why you don't notice it while watching TV. Anyhow, it gets better. I barely notice mine because I'm always busy. It's probably a temporary spike. You should try taking melatonin. It's for anxiety and sleeping but I heard it quiets people's T. However, if you stop taking it, it gets louder. I wish the best of luck for you.
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      Very much bullshit you are talking, your tinnitus must be mild if you don't hear it over tv!
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    5. Mentos

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      Noise induced, loud rock concert
      I would say it must be super mild if one don't hear it over TV, I consider my T mild and I can hear it over TV - there are so many silent scenes on TV that in my view even with super quiet T you would hear it at times. That's why i usually listen to pink noise through headphones on a low volume to cancel T signal when watching TV.
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    6. grate_biff
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      aucustic trauma, benzo withdrawl or both
      I think what he means is he doesnt focus on it doing things that he love. And he LOVES watching television!!
      Thats what I got out of it!
    7. MikeL1972

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      Hi KS97,

      Welcome to the site!

      The best thing you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Your reactions are quite normal and we have all experienced them at the outset. In your case, since it's only been such a term time, hopefully it will go away!

      As for living with it, the key is to ignore it. How? Well, the trick is to stop fighting it; the less resistance you put up, the less intrusive it will be and eventually, your mind will file it away into the "not important" folder. It is not easy, especially in the beginning, but over time it will be... Just try to limit your anxiety and stress levels to it, while at the same time getting as much sleep as you can!

      Regarding a fool-proof, complete cure, obviously it is not an easy problem to solve. Maskers and hearing aids can mitigate it, but a direct treatment that works for everyone unfortunately has not yet been invented. However, if they found a cure for Hep C, that gives us hope that they will also find a cure for tinnitus.

      The other thing you should keep in mind is that millions in the US alone have it. Tinnitus is one of the biggest complaints of servicemen and women returning from Iraq/Afghanistan. I can only imagine how many soldiers got it during WW2!

      Anyhow, keep a positive outlook and enjoy life!
    8. Michael Leigh

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      Unfortunately gotyoubyntus Kazue has no idea what tinnitus is like when it's loud and severely intrusive and I hope for her sake she never does. Well said by the way!

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