Tinnitus, Floaters and Serrapeptase

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      I am not sure where to post this... hard to say anymore, so please move this Markku if you wish.

      I am finding several complaints that are on the web where people have eye floaters and tinnitus symptoms together. When searching the web I found also that some people were taking serrapeptase (enzyme) for them.

      Floating spots or strings in vision and Ringing in ears http://symptomchecker.webmd.com/mul...ging-in-ears&symptomids=285|193&locations=3|4

      I found this intriguing since I had a scare with "strings/webs/floaters in my one eye and went to the ER and ophthalmologist (September) for it just before the T happened (October). I certainly had other things going on - like changing BP meds and installing a new wifi and cable box EMFs) at around the same time.

      Sooooo... with further research on blogs and remedies, serrapeptase seems to be used for both conditions. It will also help with high blood pressure and fibrous conditions in the body.

      l looked for a good enzyme supplement and decided on Vitalzym. I will try it out for however long the 180 caps sustain me and see what happens. The guinea pig that I am!!! The floaters (which are not a problem anymore) and my tinnitus may just be an old age issue, but some of the people on the internet that have both symptoms are in their 20s.

      I just started this research, so when I get more information I will post. Or you can! ;)

      Serrapeptase on Amazon.com

      Serrapeptase on iHerb.com (new customers get $5-10 off of their first order)
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      thanks for the links

      i suspect that the co-incidence of visual field floaters and tinnitus is most common as people age

      im getting on in my years (yes lots of grey hair ;) and yes my latest round of tinnitus followed on the heels of me noticing many more dark particulate spots floating around in the field of vision

      the connecting factor may be the decline of the vascular system which effects both the organ of corti in the ear an the retina in the eye

      just a poorly educated guess on my part

      best wishes
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      Apprently the cure for floaters is Collidal silver drops in the eye. Although I read somewhere else that it's colloidal silver and MSM drops that do the trick. I cannot say for sure though as I have never tried this. I definetly remember reading though that the FDA has stated that Colloidal silver is safe for the eye.

      If anyone has ever read 'the Body electric' by Dr Robert Becker he makes the incredible claim that Collidal silver stimulates stem cell production!


      Some more info, Scroll down half way and there are some incredible pictures of someones finger completely regrowing


      Imagine it was as simple as getting colloidal silver to the inner ear and that cured Tinnitus and hearing loss!! I cannot say though because I'm unaware of anyone who has tried this. I highly doubt drinking it would help because I have seen an experiment when it is neutralized by acid weaker then our stomach acid. I think though this might be an interesting area of research for those who might be interested.
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      Thanks for your comment. I am looking for some connection. to what, I am not sure. ;)
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      Gee, Molan, I have been taking hydrosol silver for many years. I stopped and only take it now and then when needed cause I take a new batch of stuff! I am chicken to put it imy eyes or ears. I did use it though a couple of time for my ears when i felt like I was getting an ear ache. it worked well. But then I developed the BPPV thing and then tinnitus after that and have been chicken.

      geez... when I turned 60 things went crazy with my body. I plan to reverse this aging thing! haha I did get off high BP drugs after over 30 years of taking them! That is a start! Now I take so many supplements that I should stop graying. Hmmmm... I did actually now that I think about it.

      Thanks Molan for the links. You are a doll!
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      Hey Calin, yes I think it's obviously exciting if this is true. There seem to be a number of methods to get it to the inner ear. One I think would be nose drops and to tip your head upside down and allow it to go through your Eustation tubes and eventually some should get to the inner ear. Although I would guess someone would have to do this alot of times to get a significant amount there.

      Also intravenously is likely another option but that would be difficult to arrange and could be costly.

      As I said before drinking it would not seem to be an option as it appears to be neutralized by the stomach acid. Watch from 3:00 of the video below as the guy does a demonstration of what Vitamin C does to Collidal silver which is obviously far less acidic then our stomach acid.

      Using Colloidal Silver

      Another method which is certainly a last resort for me is rectally. That would get significant amounts into the blood stream and hopefully enough would circulate to the ear for it to work it's magic. However that is something I'm only going to consider when I have exhausted all other options!!!!!
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      There certainly are a lot of opinions on what is the cause of tinnitus, aren't there?

      I've noticed that the causes of most "T" seems to fall into two camps: 1. Those with tinnitus caused by age related hearing loss, and ototoxity and 2. those with tinnitus due to exposure to load noises or physical trauma (sticking a Q-tip too far into the ear). I think that "tinnitus is tinnitus", whatever the heck it is.

      I've been communicating with a research scientist who is an authority on the inner ear. He also happens to have had tinnitus since he was 16. Now he's getting age related tinnitus. I've learned a lot about the physical structure of the inner ear from reading this scientist's papers. This guy is brilliant. He's like the Albert Einstein of the Inner Ear.

      Many scientist think tinnitus is similar to phantom limb syndrome. In the case of tinnitus, a select few inner hair cells have become non-functional (they died due to old age or ototoxic medicines, or they were damaged). In a healthy ear, there is a delicate balance in nerve circuitry between the "efferent" nerves and "afferent" nerves. The efferent nerves send signals from the brain to the hairs; the afferent nerves send signals from the hairs to the brain.

      The inner hair cells "do the listening", sending signals to the brain using a bundle of afferent nerve cells. The outer hair cells also send signals to the brain with only a few afferent nerve connections. Some scientists theorize that when the afferent nerves from the inner hairs stop working, the brain interprets the afferent nerves from the outer hair cells as a phantom signal.

      Yeah, it would be great to have some kind of drug to stop this sound. But nothing will bring back the hearing loss I have at 4kHz. Those hair cells are dead.
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      I don't believe in the slightest colloidal silver works for anything.

      It's just one more thing to the list of panacea snake oils.

      Personally I feel even offended if someone suggested me that hey, have you heard about colloidal silver, they will cure your floaters?! If it was even an option, a safe one at that, or at least MILDLY researched, I'm sure many floaters sufferers would try it. Floaters can be annoying as hell, the amount and look of them vary from person to person, just like Tinnitus.

      Floaters can be quite successfully removed with surgery (Floaters Only Vitrectomy), but it has its risks.

      2 cents from a tinnitus + floaters sufferer. Usually floaters develop later in the years, but I've had mine since the age of 15 or so. Tinnitus, on the other hand, started about 10 years later.

      Since the 1990s, "colloidal silver", a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles, has been marketed as an alternative medicine, often claiming impressive "cure-all" qualities. The effectiveness of these products has never been scientifically proven, and in some jurisdictions, it is currently illegal to include such claims in product advertisements.[14] Medical authorities and publications advise against the ingestion of colloidal silver preparations, because of their lack of proven effectiveness and because of the risk of adverse side effects, such as argyria, a condition in which, over time, the skin acquires a blue-grey discolouration.[2][15][16][17] Historically, colloidal silver was also used as an internal medication to treat a variety of diseases. Their use was largely discontinued in the 1940s, due to the development of safe and effective modern antibiotics and concern about adverse side effects.[17][18]
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      Markku although I do not suffer from floaters myself but I know someone personally who claimed CS has got rid of them (After 3 weeks daily use) and It has also been shown to me on several forums that some other people have reported the same. However I did not say it was definetly a cure and I admitted I didn't know and had never tried in on myself so there was no reason to feel offended. However Collidal silver is stated by the U.S Environmental protection agency that it is neither an eye nor a skin irritant. I only mentioned it because I thought it had the potential to be usefull to someone.

      Actually if you researched the history of Colloidal silver there is enough research to suggest that it is a very safe and effective anti-bacterial. More and more American hospitals are going back to using Silver to treat burns. It's there if you care to research the topic and not just do a quick Wiki look over.

      Also Dr Robert Becker was a highly distinguished Orthopedic surgeon So for him to make such claims about Colloidal silver would suggest to some people that there could be something in it. Just because something hasn't been researched by the so called 'correct people' dosen't always mean it's false. So called Independent scientists on various Committees once said that Smoking was not harmfull to human health or that Mercury dosen't leak from fillings. Both of these are now accepted as facts.

      As for the last sentence of your Wiki paste I believe that has far more to do with financial interests rather then actual safety and effectiveness. If you have the background and the facilities you can actually test Collidal silver on E-Coli and you will see it kills it rather quickly.
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      I'ii post the paragraph detailing Dr Becker's experience with silver as an Anti-bacterial and something which promotes regeneration.

      Dr. Robert O. Becker's Research

      A patient was referred to him as a last resort with a broken right tibia and fibula, both of
      which refused to heal and continued to get worse after a year and a half of effort. The
      patient was given no choice but amputation. After a year and a half of treatment with
      every available antibiotic, he talked Dr. Becker into trying his new methods on his leg.
      Dr. Becker describes the wound as being “...a veritable zoo (of microbes)...no single
      antibiotic could fight all of John’s germs. Even a mixture would probably create a
      greater problem than it solved, for any bacteria resistant to the mix would spread like
      wildfire when the others competing against them were removed.” The unhealed bone was
      still receding. Dr. Becker had proven in earlier experiments with stainless steel, platinum
      and titanium electrodes that a very small negative current helped bone growth. However,
      he had recently found that positive silver electrodes killed off bacteria. He felt he had to
      make a choice between killing the infections and healing the bone and was afraid if he
      treated the infections first he would destroy even more of the little bone that was left.
      Still, if he treated the bone first the infections would continue to spread and prevent the
      bone growth, probably consuming some more of the bone. He had to make a choice and
      decided the infection had to be taken care of first. He “…told John that six months after
      we got the wound to heal over with skin, I would bring him back into the hospital and use
      the negative current to stimulate whatever is left.” A long slow and risky process.
      “...I debrided the wound, removing the dead tissue and all grossly infected or dead bone.
      There wasn’t much left afterward. It was an enormous excavation running almost from
      his knee to his ankle. In the operating room we soaked a big piece of silver nylon in
      saline solution and laid it over the wound...wrapped the leg, and connected the battery
      unit. By the end of the week...all of our bacterial cultures were sterile (1)(2).”[4] The
      battery attached to the silver nylon produced ionic silver, as Dr. Becker later explained.
      In a few days the ionic silver quickly killed off every kind of bacteria all the antibiotics
      had failed to kill in a year and a half!

      Dr. Becker continues: “The soft healing tissue, called granulation tissue, was spreading
      out and covering the bone. In two weeks, the whole base of the wound, which had over
      eight square inches of raw bone, was covered by this friendly pink carpet. The skin was
      beginning to grow in too, so we could forget about the grafts we thought we’d need to do
      (1)(2)(7)(10).”[4] All of this indicates an abundance of dedifferentiated cells (stem cells)

      as Dr. Becker then explained.

      “I decided to take an X-ray to see how much bone he’d lost.” Dr. Becker was expecting
      the bone to be withdrawing due to the positive electrical current: “I could hardly believe
      the picture. There was clearly some bone regrowth! I removed the cast, felt the leg, and
      found that the pieces were all stuck together. John watched, and when I was done he
      lifted his leg into the air triumphantly. I’d never so much enjoyed being wrong (1)(7).”

      That is, he was expecting the bone to recede and the process to take about a year to
      accomplish what he largely accomplished in two weeks.

      For complete paper on Stem Cell Dedifferentiation (2002) by Dr. Robert Becker:
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      I have had eye floaters and Tinnitus for 40 years....I never heard of coloidal silver as a cure for either ailment and curing hearing loss as well , seems a bit over the top dream......however if stem cell research gets to do what that silver research is said to do . then please bring this topic to the main tinnitus talk front page for all to learn and talk about thanks

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