Tinnitus for 26 Years

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    1. Bonnie Kidd

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      aspirin. Took 4 over 24 hours.
      Hello. I'm 71 years old, female, a writer, well educated and very research oriented. I've had tinnitus since March 7, 1990, when I ingested 4 enteric coated aspirins over a 24 hour period. A doctor had told me to do this to cope with severe arthritis pain. The ringing in my ears that resulted from the aspirin "overdose" has been constant, varying in volume from loud to deafening. I found a device called a "Tackler" which helps to distract my brain from the sound by substituting a hissing noise (volume is adjustable). I'm doing fine with this device--sleeping at night and able to work during the day. But my brain has not habituated to the device at all, and the tinnitus hasn't diminished in volume. I've been wearing the Tackler 24/7 for about two years. Anyone else have similar experience with tinnitus of long duration?
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      I believe it was meds and stress
      Ive had i t 6 years and thats more than enough, I also have hyper-acusis which I feel is as bad as tinnitus. Mine has gotten worse Dr.s have done a tailspin on my hearing. Some of them cant spell Tinnitus and what is otoxic forget it.
      There lazy, think from the box only and if they cant figure out the problem they show you the front door. Oh well theres always benzodipines to give out.

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