Tinnitus from Oral Neomycin

Discussion in 'Support' started by Brian P, Nov 16, 2021.

    1. Brian P

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      Ménière’s disease
      I have been trying to track down what caused my original mild tinnitus. I have Ménière’s disease, but I took 1 pill of Neomycin for IBS and then stopped when I saw the black box warnings and assumed it wasn’t worth the risk.

      This was in 2018 but I don’t remember when the tinnitus really started as it was so low I never paid attention to it.

      I also do not have high frequency hearing loss, which Neomycin can cause.
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      2015 resolved, 4/20 L ear, increase 2/21
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      2015,noise,2020-21 SNHL
      Would it change anything for you if you knew the cause? Just wondering. There’s a lot of chatter on this website about possible causes of tinnitus. Some of it is misinformation. People turning themselves inside out trying to figure out what caused it. Sometimes you know if you were exposed to loud noise or have measurable hearing loss. I guess the question is what would you do with the information and how will make things different for you?

      My otologist said there are over 200 things that cause tinnitus and it is often very hard to determine the exact cause and even if you do, you likely can’t do much about it anyway. You can try to treat the cause if it is treatable, but since this is an issue in the brain, usually there is not a lot that can be done.

      He told me that it was best to focus on how to manage it rather than trying to look for a cause.

      I’ve had tinnitus twice in my life and have had it resolve. I even had hearing loss improved. I have tinnitus again, probably related to TMJ. I will try to treat the TMJ but I’m not relatively sure I will have any improvement in my tinnitus. I know people who had it from TMJ and it resolved after the TMJ issues resolved. Maybe that will be the case for me. Maybe not. Maybe the cause is something else. Right now I’m just trying to manage my response to the sound.
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      Noise Induced, Prednisone (drones), Barotrauma (distortions)
      Super doubtful. For me I have low frequeny bilateral losses with air bone gaps there. Steroids made me worse so who knows. Could've been a precursor or catalyst for a predisposition for me immunologically.
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