Tinnitus Increases the Risk of Getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Discussion in 'Research News' started by ajc, Jul 30, 2020.

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      You are another special kind compassionate member on this forum Greg, you are always willing to help others even when you are in so much pain yourself.

      Sometimes life just sucks :(

      I also know you have a loving wife and will be getting lots of hugs, but I am sending some your way too ;)

      bear hug.gif
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      @Steph1710, ha, ha, ha....That's why I love reading your post. Your are so right! We've got enough heavy crap to deal with.

      How about we deal with the crap that's in front of us for now and worry about that other stuff later.
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      Bloody hell ajc! You went in! When I read your reply to my mates, we absolutely cracked up laughing!

      Savage mate. Savage. :D
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      Antibiotics - I think
      Aww cheers buddy :)
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      Moocho Love to Dave & Greg. I agree with Glenn, one's nervous system is constantly being bombarded. I do feel muscles on my body vibrate because of the tinnitus. Not a stretch to see how this can progress. But hey, it's only a benign sound that WE amplify with our reaction...
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      I would like to add just one thing to this subject.

      With tinnitus we know that neurones are firing day and night - hence the constant sounds.

      It is hardly surprising that we can wake up in the morning feeling tired to begin with.
      (Melatonin is a great help to me - just 2 mg. I now wake up quite well rested.)

      For the past six years I have been seeking the best accommodation to tinnitus that I can find.

      I know that acceptance is the crucial factor.
      As I wake to noise each day, I say to myself:

      “I accept this moment - just as it is.”
      (And I mean it.)

      I say this however noisy it is.
      When I get up I slip into a lovely hot bath to do my meditation.
      I stop any conscious breathing and ask my tummy to breath for me.
      I just become an observer to the breath.
      As I exhale I just think the word
      ‘deeper - deeper - deeper’ as I drift into a meditational doze.
      I find ‘stillness’ every day.
      Then I’m ready to get going.

      I now have two unpleasant conditions to cope with.
      Tinnitus in the foreground,
      Parkinson’s in the background.
      I do not battle either of them.
      They are just facts of life.
      On most days I can detach them from emotional content.

      Dave x
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      This study has been broken down on multiple sources and as a result, the conclusion(s) reached have been considered to be incredibly inconclusive. In fact the theory that multiple people have put forward is that they simply do not have the data to definitively come out with the conclusion that they reached.

      Therefore while the claim could be valid and it is probable that some people who have tinnitus might have these conditions too, the medical research doesn't confidently confirm the claimed causal effect.

      Even the statistical evidence doesn't positively support this claim as being more likely to be true than not true. Therefore although the results show a positive correlation and connection, you can take this to be even less reliable than some of those voting opinion polls done.
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