Tinnitus Possibly Related to Prior Hearing Impairment?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Alicia317, Mar 10, 2017.

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      So I woke up with what I would consider pretty severe T about a week ago. It started as a clogged feeling in my ear that brought on a loud roaring sound. I remember apologizing to everyone at work that day because it was so difficult to hear them; I couldn't wait to get home and clean my ears.

      I assumed this nuisance was just a symptom brought on by a sinus infection I had three weeks ago. But as the blockage and tinnitus worsen each day with no pain at all, three weeks after the infection has cleared up seems like a strange time for a new symptom to not only pop up, but then stay for even longer than my sinus infection itself lasted.

      My biggest concern, though, is that I have a history of hearing impairment issues. I came within an inch of losing 90% of my hearing permanently as a toddler. It was only because my mom fought for me to see a specialist that they were able to clear up the issue in time. I've heard my entire life about the specialist telling my parents that had I literally come in even a day later, there may have been nothing they could do to save the hearing I'd lost. It could be totally unrelated, but it's certainly enough to make me wonder - was this was a problem always waiting to crop back up? Am I going deaf? Am I just a crazy person with an ear infection?

      I now have a reverberation in the back of my head and that distortion where everyone who talks to me sounds like a robot. I don't feel so crazy explaining it now that I've read so many others describe the same thing.

      So that's where I'm at and why I'm on here. Any shared experiences would be great to hear. Thanks!
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Your sinus infection might have caused ETD or ear fluid buildup. Best is to see an ENT to check out any potential problem with the ears.
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      You might have Hydrops. You need a hearing test and to see an ENT asap

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