Tinnitus Retraining Therapy & CBT Follow Up Question

Discussion in 'Dr. Raymond Ancill (Psychiatrist)' started by TMLB, Jul 5, 2015.

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      Dear Dr. Ancill

      I had asked Dr. Nagler a few questions which he kindly answered about a month ago. I wanted to follow-up with him to clarify a few things but I note he is not taking questions at this time. I then saw your name now on the Doctor's list. Good to see a professional from BC as part of these forums. (I live in Salmon Arm).

      Perhaps you can assist in providing me with some guidance.

      One question to Dr. Nagler was: I have not experienced a significant reduction in my awareness of the tinnitus and wondered if I should consider TRT. Dr. Nagler had responded "Well, that would be a personal decision. In general I do not recommend TRT unless tinnitus is markedly affecting one's life and he or she has already explored simpler options, like self-CBT".

      I think I would have more success with personal counselling versus self-directed. However as Self-CBT was mentioned I was wondering if you could expand on self-CBT. Where might I find reliable information? If I were to see a therapist skilled in CBT but not tinnitus, would that be an avenue to explore?

      I have experienced some small gains but still find the T intrusive and it continues to cause anxiety to varying degrees. I am contemplating TRT and am aware of two individuals trained who are in Vancouver. Glynnis Tidball and Carol Lau. Are you aware of either, and if so, would you have a recommendation for either professional? If you are uncomfortable in answering that question I will understand.

      Any advice or suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated,
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      Unfortunately, I cannot really answer that. There is a lack of skilled clinicians everywhere. I am skeptical of 'self-CBT' but have little experience with that. A GP's referral to the St Paul's ENT department might be the way to go. I am aware of the two clinicians you refer to and have also heard good things about them. The most important advice is to discuss this with your family doctor and provide him/her with all the information - remember, you will likely know more about this than the doctor.

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