Tinnitus Sounds Different in Different Rooms of the House

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rb86, Sep 6, 2019.

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      Does anyone notice your tinnitus sounding different in different rooms of the house? Not so much different but more or less noticeable. I swear the air pressure in a room has an effect. Very acoustically dense rooms make my tinnitus quite loud. Then I can step outside and there's some relief.

      This is especially true for my low end warbling tinnitus. Oddly, when it's at it's worst, if I go into the laundry room which is the smallest and most closed off from other noise sources, it seems to be less active.
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      Acoustic trauma (punk rock show)
      Sounds like mine. In the night when I go to bathroom is the worst. In my room when I've got carpet and a lot of furniture is better (quieter and I can't hear all of these sounds even when it's quiet ).
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      Loud music
      It's very mystifying isn't it? If all the noise is in your head, then why should it be affected by the room you're in, as if it was externally generated?

      There must be some kind of feedback loop going on, where reflected "sounds" in a quiet room still have an effect on how the noise in your head appears to sound.

      My low-frequency hum is always louder in rooms with more hard flat surfaces. I've noticed an improvement in my bedroom by moving a large chest of drawers out into the landing, so there are more soft surfaces in the bedroom now. With the result that my hum is quieter too and bothers me less as I'm falling asleep.

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