Tinnitus Started from Leaning Against a Speaker at a High School Dance

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Debbie2019, Dec 10, 2019.

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      So long ago I don’t even know
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      I think it started from a very loud noise hurting my ears
      I believe my tinnitus started after being at a high school dance leaning against a huge speaker and the band thought it would be funny to play a chord knowing I had my head right next to the speaker. My ears hurt and rang for days. I don’t remember if it continued to ring at a really low volume or really when I started asking the question, Is there no noise at all in your ears? To a friend of mine.

      Over the many years it has gotten worse until I could no longer ignore it like everyone always tells you to do.

      So I have been on a quest trying everything I can think of and spending lots of money trying to find something that works. Unfortunately I just got a bacterial infection and the doc put me on a antibiotic. She wanted to put me on Cipro which I had looked up and it said it would make the tinnitus worse, but said Levofloxican (I’m reading it in Spanish off the box because I was in Cabo at the time I got the prescription so I know I have the spelling wrong) did not have that effect.

      Well of course four days into the prescription and I’m sitting here with more noise than usual in my ears and don’t know what to do. I was just getting the noise to a constant tolerable level and now it’s noisier once again.

      I’m very distraught over this. I know your not supposed to go off your meds but I don’t think I will continue.

      I’m going to try the alternative method and use Oil of Oregano. I’ve used it before and it is a very strong oil that is supposed to be as good as any antibiotic. I just can’t keep taking this drug and risk more noise, more damage.

      Anyone else out there try using the oil in place of their antibiotic?
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. If there isn't enough response to your question, you can do searches on the forum. There are prior discussions on Oregano oil. Click the forum button on the top left and then type in the search text, such as Oregano. Here is a search sample:


      Take care. God bless.
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