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      Hi everyone,
      I'm new to this site and wanted to tell my story and ask for advice and see if anyone else had a similar problem to mine.

      I had a bad cold in December 2014 which caused me to get an ear infection which led to a perforation in my right ear. I went to the doctors and they couldn't see a perforation so prescribed me otosporin ear drops. I used the ear drops but was getting extreme pain so called the doctor and she advised me to stop using the drops. I continued to have issues with my ears for a few months and saw 2 other doctors who finally found the perforation and referred me to ENT. I was under ENT for a year and a half and was then signed off and told perforation is still there and tinnitus won't go but I can live with the perforation and the tinnitus. They told me to stop covering my ear in the shower and as soon as I did this, I got an ear infection!

      I have gone back to the doctors and demanded a second opinion so I am seeing another ENT specialist on 8th Feb.

      Do you think the tinnitus will clear if the healed the perforation?

      It really gets me down and I am struggling to live with it. I'm a new mum and I just want to go back to normal so I can lead a happy life for my family.

      Thanks x
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your suffering with T. It is not easy to determine what T will do or exactly what caused it. It is therefore a lot of mental energy wasted to find the exact reason. Hopefully you will find the reason and have it cured so that your T will go away. However, in many cases, T just don't easily go away and so it is best for us to mentally prepare for plan B, which is to find out how others have habituated to T even though their T don't go away, and they manage to live a normal life. The success stories forum is one such place filled with members who have gotten better and have written their success stories to share their experiences. Hope you will find them helpful in your T journey.

      Going back to living a normal life will take some effort, sometimes conscious effort to be willing to accept the T condition. I made the mistake of confronting the reality of my ultra high pitch dog whistle T and severe hyperacusis, and resisting it with every oz of my mental energy. The result was a disaster and I lived through hell with it. Then I learned the strategy of positivity and positive psychology, CBT, Mindfulness etc., and combined with what I learn from other kind forum members, and slowly my condition improved, and now today I live a normal and absolutely enjoyable life again. For brevity, here is my T journey and triumph over T tyranny. Take good care & God bless.

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      Head Injury
      It's possible.

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