Tinnitus with Hearing Loss — Diagnosed with Meniere's Disease

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      Hi... first timer. I’m 52 y/o and was diagnosed 3 years ago. It started out as sudden ringing accompanied by fullness in my right ear. ENT sent me for MRI to rule out tumor, then audiometric testing. After results of testing came back ENT told me it’s probably Ménière’s. They referred me to a neuro-otolaryngologist surgeon. After describing my symptoms and undergoing another audiometric test he diagnosed Ménière’s.

      During this time I had been experiencing the tinnitus, ear fullness and hearing loss. I had maybe two bouts of vertigo which was scary. My Dr. recommended 3 different steroid injections as treatment, diuretic and low sodium diet (UGH). I agreed to the steroid and injection treatment and meds. The nurse practitioner took over at this point. I had an injection that day! Worst pain of my life. I cried and told her I would not be able to handle another one with some sort of sedative!!! It was that bad. I went in for another a week later... still horribly painful but I got through it. I continued with the diuretic and the symptoms subsided for about 2 years.

      Then last September, I was working in my office and had a severe vertigo attack. Laying on the floor seems to help. I had to have one of my employees drive me home...when I got home I could barely walk I was so dizzy. I managed to make to my bed where the nausea took over.

      I made an appointment the next day to see ENT. She wanted to give me another injection. I just didn’t want to go down that route so she prescribed Valium, nausea med and Triamterene. Suffering once again from tinnitus, fullness in ear, hearing loss and around 3 mild vertigo spells.

      I’ve heard things like the barometric pressure can trigger Ménière’s? Debating on going back for more injections?

      The hearing loss is most concerning.

      I welcome any suggestions. Thanks!
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your struggle with tinnitus and Meniere's. Perhaps if she has the time, @glynis, a notable, veteran member here can answer some of your questions or share experiences as she has had this condition for a while back. Regarding the hearing loss, have you tried hearing aids? Take care. God bless.
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      unknown/damaged vestibule
      So so very sorry to hear about your vertigo/tinnitus. I also had a season of vertigo about a year and a half ago. Extensive research, 6 doctors, 2 physical therapists and every test know to man later - no luck. My right vestibule got damaged - too much pressure (fullness in the ear) leading to debilitative bouts of dizziness, vertigo and nausea. I did what you appear to be doing, and they eventually eased up some, but did not stop. I already had the high-pitched tinnitus (since 2001), but after about 2 months of the vertigo stuff, I developed a second tinnitus - sounds like a wind storm outside, but only in my right ear.
      There are a number of reputable websites devoted to vestibular disorders and Menieres - USA, Britton and Australia - that you might want to visit for more information. They offered me solace and encouragement to get through. Long story short, I have a pinched nerve in my neck, and once I started treating that via my third physical therapist, my vertigo stopped. I still carry a valium and Zofran tablet with me just in case. I got a lead from an article written in a medical journal by a number of chiropractors who claimed that treating people who had old whiplash and Menieres resulted in no more vertigo. I have old untreated whiplash, so I gave that a try, with success.
      Hopefully you can find a way to stop your vertigo. I unfortunately have no clue on the tinnitus - I just continue to live with it. We are not alone with this.

      Good luck and take care.

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      Several causes
      What was the pinched nerve due to? What caused it?
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      unknown/damaged vestibule
      Don't know for sure. I used to work underground in the mines, got blown up a couple times, probably what caused it - whiplash. I know that sounds dumb, but icepick headaches started up just s couple years after I quit mining. 30 years of a variety of doctors, imaging, and tests later, couldn't figure the headaches out until I got with a pt. Headaches still there but greatly reduced in intensity and frequency after her treatments and my continued neck exercises. There is some controversy whether the neck nerves are connected to the trigeminal nerve in the brain - the one that controls all the actions in and around the face - including the inner ear. So we put 2 and 2 together and figured a connection, which ultimately stopped my vertigo (for now), but the windstorm tinnitus in that ear is still with me.

      I wish I had more to offer...
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      Meniere's Disease

      Sorry to hear about your Meniere's.
      I still wear dual purpose hearing aids with maskers and mine were free on the NHS in the UK.

      Betahistine can help
      Serc 16
      Salt reduction
      Fresh food, not tinned

      People with Meniere's find Cinnarizine helps.

      love Glynis x
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      November 2019
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      Likely ototoxic medication
      Upper cervical chiro can hrlp with Meniere's.

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