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      Hey everyone . So I was on here a few weeks ago suffering awfully from ringing and supposed ear infection . But my biggest complaint is feeling " off" , cloudy, not balanced especially when eyes are closed . Recently got in to an eNT and he gave me nasal steroid to at least try for 4 weeks before resorting to procedure of tubing the Eustachian tube to help drain pressure and facilitate air circulation . He said my ears aren't popping properly and I have tmj. I was devastated when he said four more weeks . Has anyone dealt with this cotton head feeling before ? It makes my anxiety so bad because I just feel helpless all the time and so abnormal . Prior to this supposedly it was just an ear infection but he said no signs of it and I probably took two rounds of antibiotics for nothing . Ugh . Help!
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      not sure
      You may have vertigo or Meniere's disease, but a doctor or ENT is best for making a correct diagnosis.
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      @bille48 I guess only time will tell!!!:(

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