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      Here is an quite old TRT sudies conducted in Sweden with a quite good outcome.

      @Dr. Nagler have you read it? Would be interesting to have you comment about it.

      Hope you can translate it part by part with Googl translate.

      Rehabilitation for people who have significant symptoms of tinnitus and sound sensitivity
      since the late 1990s has been a working adult team at
      Hearing and Deafness Unit in Lund. Prior to that, the activities were aimed
      on providing rehabilitation to people with various degrees of hearing loss.
      In 1998, we, in the search for effective rehabilitation method, in contact with
      method TRT, Tinnitus retraining Therapy. The method consists in supplying neutrals
      sound to the auditory system in combination with the advisory calls to reduce the reaction
      of tinnitus. The method aims to reduce the negative reaction that
      people with severe tinnitus received from his tinnitus by "train" the brain
      and the auditory system.
      The purpose of this study is to evaluate if TRT is an effective rehabilitation
      our business. The target group being evaluated is 29 patients with tinnitus and sound sensitivity
      who participated in the rehabilitation of TRT. The rehabilitation involves the
      have been offered counseling and the use of sound stimulation devices in an individual
      contact. The majority of the target group, 20 of 29, also had a mild to moderate
      hearing loss. We conducted structured interviews with 29 patients where the
      have estimated their discomfort of tinnitus and possible noise sensitivity. We have also studied
      journal entries for each person in the audience to get background information.

      The evaluation result shows that the method has been effective for the target audience,
      where 28 patients out of 29 have achieved positive results which meant that their symptoms
      tinnitus and possible noise sensitivity has decreased.
      Every patient we encounter has its unique life situation and tinnitus rehabilitation is
      part of the overall change process or the treatment that the patient is in need
      of. We believe that a prerequisite for rehabilitation must have an outstanding
      effect is that it is based on a holistic view of the patient's situation. this study
      demonstrates the value of continuing to offer TRT in the rehabilitation parallel with
      that we offer and develop other methods to meet users' different
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      Hi David -

      Thank you for pointing me to this study, which gives me the opportunity to make an important observation, at least one that I consider to be important.

      You refer to the study as having "a quite good outcome." It is true that the study has an outcome that is favorable to TRT, but I have no idea whether or not it is a good outcome. In order to determine that, I would have to translate the entire study (not just the summary) and then take a close look at the methodology to see whether or not it is scientifically sound. Also, I'd want to be absolutely certain that what they are calling TRT really is TRT. So I am really not in a position to comment either way.

      I have the (well-deserved) reputation on this board of being critical in my analysis of the tinnitus literature. Well TRT doesn't get a free pass there just because I happen to be partial to it.

      Kind regards -

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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      It is not a gold standard nor double bind (how now that would be possible with TRT) on the other hand they might just figured enhanced TRT 2.0 out :)
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      We don't exactly know what they did or what they figured out. That's why I don't have an opinion on it.

      Just because TRT comes out looking good in a study, that does not make it a good study!

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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      Look at what the dog is wearing.
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      Loud noise at workplace in many years and the employer's negligence

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