Two Decades of Ringing Ears — World War II Re-Enactment Involving Weapons Made It Worse

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Roger Vincent, Jan 19, 2020.

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      This is my first posting, I’ve had tinnitus for 20 years but it suddenly got worse three months ago when I was exposed to a WWII re-enactment involving weapons. Had ear plugs in my car, but stayed to video tape. Big mistake.

      I’ve seen my ENT doctor and he put me on Xanax to help me sleep and reduce anxiety. The volume fluctuates, sometimes I deal with it, sometimes I can’t. I keep looking for cause and effect relationships between the high days and low days. It seemed like sugar and high fat foods make it worse. Short naps make it worse. So, I’ve lost 20 pounds and take Xanax at night to sleep. Gotta have something to do during the day to stay focused or I get much worse. Being retired makes that a challenge.

      I read a British study that suggested Lidocaine patches may help. Tried it. It did at first, but now, not so much. Placebo effect? Not sure.

      Stress, noise, no sleep, high fat sugar foods are my enemies. I’m 5’8” now weigh 166 down from 186. At least that’s a positive note. I also look out for, and am concerned about, ototoxic drugs.

      Well, that’s my story,
      Roger Vincent.
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      Hi Roger Vincent,

      I can fully relate to your situation as, after 10 years of suffering from tinnitus with a few spikes here and there, I recently upgraded to a level of insanity... I, like you, was no longer eating and had to resort to medication, including Xanax, this time around. The volume also fluctuated... from spike to spike... making it even more stressful.

      My latest flare up started almost 4 months ago and the volume/intensity hasn't subsided one bit... but I am doing better as I am now able to function almost normally. This includes eating regularly and at regular hours, working, and even exercising. Whatever maybe my activity I always make sure to always have my mobile phone noise/radio app(s) turned on... avoiding silence at all costs.

      The key for me was to be able to sleep regularly... I still take medication for assistance and intend to do so until I feel much better. I cannot advise you on medication as I am not a doctor but for your information, under medical supervision, I tried various Benzos, ADs... until I found the combination which worked for me.

      Once you are able to sleep, then keeping busy during the day will be your next challenge... especially as you are retired. I could suggest fishing, walking the dog, playing golf... anything the keeps you physically and, ideally, mentally stimulated.

      As for your concerns about stress, noise, high fats and your fear for ototoxic drugs... at this level of tinnitus we are all concerned about these things and need to stay vigilant... whilst not being too paranoid to the point of not living...

      Stay strong and take good care,

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