Up and Down with Emotions and High-Pitched Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by GWW, Apr 24, 2018.

    1. GWW

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      Acoustic trauma
      I’ve had high pitches tinnitus for about 5 1/2 months now. I’ve identified it as around 12 kHz It seems to react to sounds of paper, silverware, “s’s” in peoples words make it seem like it’s electrically shocking my nervous system. All this is just awful to say the least.

      Occasionally I’ll get 3-4 days when that electric dental drill frequency isn’t rattling my skull and I’ll think, “maybe this is it’l But it usually comes right back.

      When you have hope that you may have a chance, being positive and excited only to see it goes back at any time is like psychological torture. I feel no control over anything and wind up living in fear of what’s to come. Anyone else get like this?
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      Intermittent Tinnitus probably noise induced
      Yes, it's somewhat like that for me. I am learning to accept that it will come back. It's usually worse if I'm stressed, tired, not feeling well, or otherwise not very balanced and centered. It will eventually subside, as the brain learns to filter it out from our attention.
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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      It's all a part of living with tinnitus. No one has escaped this and it's a natural feeling. Just do know that YOU can make it and things CAN get better. The tinnitus itself might get better or might stay the same. You can eventually deal and cope with your situation, takes time but very doable....
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    4. TinA#7oct

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      Dental Handpiece's (air driven turbine drills) repair of
      GWW Your not alone, my tinnitus actually was caused by Dental drills, 35 years of repairing and testing them.
      The best advise I can give, is to stay busy, Check with your Dr. about meds for anxiety to help you sleep, if
      needed. Because I have other issues not related to Tinnitus, I can't really say how long it might take to
      adjust to it, but I do know it takes a little time. Eventually T becomes less of an issue for most
      people. You can learn a lot about your Type of T, from this forum. I have, and am thankful to all who
      share. Take care, TinA#oct
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