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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ed209, Nov 30, 2015.

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      Haven't been on here in a while but thought I'd check in to say how things have been. I've been back rehearsing with my band for a few weeks, so I put on a charity show for a local children's hospital. Just being busy and focused on doing what I used to do has helped tremendously. Doing this charity gig although it's been quite possibly the toughest challenge of my life, quite literally organising it all was stressful but the thing is the stress of the show TOTALLY over shadowed the worry of tinnitus. It's the first time I've ever had to do public speaking and be an MC for the evening, ever, but I just jumped right into it. The good news is we filled the venue and it was a night to remember, there was a moment when I realised it was the first time all of my old band members were in the same room in about 15 years. We took a photo of the occasion because it just brought back floods of memories. Basically the whole thing went better than I could have imagined, the vibe in the room was just buzzing and we made £3170 for the charity.

      Even though the whole event was technically a no go T zone (prior worries), I had my musician plugs in and had an awesome night. Went round the room talking to all the guests who's feedback just blew me away; I had 26db plugs in so I'd just say can you repeat that if I missed something and explained I had ear plugs in. No one cared and why should they.

      We had solo acts and 3 bands on including my band, we finished the night off. Not once during the whole event did tinnitus worry me. I hope this trend continues cos I've felt this way before but I've had set backs, but this feels a bit different.

      If I can tell you anything that's worthwhile, it's to just carry on enjoying your life because sooner or later something more stressful than the noise in your head will come along and you will forget you even have it.

      Even better do what I did and challenge yourself to do something big and challenging, big enough that it scares the shit out of you. Plan it and go through with it because I can promise you one thing, whilst organising and doing something that puts you on the edge, you wake up and become alive again. You will be invigorated and see the world differently in the fact that you can do things you wouldn't have thought possible.

      T disappears completely during intense planning and organising, cos there's no time for it and I genuinely mean that. Mine hasn't gone at all and it's a pretty bad case, but the mind is the key to overcoming it.
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      It's uplifting to hear how you channeled that negative energy and turned it into something positive. Helping others is the the best currency you can get.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Lovely to hear you had a great time doing what you love and making money for a charity too.
      A great positive post for members to read and be inspired by....lots of love glynis
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      September 3, 2015
      How loud is your T?
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      My T is loud enough to be heard over the TV and conversation. Road noise doesn't block it out either but the shower does. It's what id class as intrusive, I won't give a number because they are relative and mean absolutely nothing except to my own case which no one else can hear. My 10 could be the next mans 5 and vice versa.
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      September 3, 2015
      Pretty loud then. Congrats on getting to this point. Happy for you.

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