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      Severe loss of hearing due to nerve damage caused by a virus
      Good morning I am new to Tinnitus Talk. I have read many negative things about tinnitus Terminator. When I found the story which I guess is an ad, it gave me hope and I see now false hope. When I first incurred tinnitus, I thought I was losing it, going out of my mind. My sister in law, an audiologist at the time, gave me literature on tinnitus. I believe the best thing I read was to learn to except your tinnitus as part of you, like your hair color and that is exactly what I have tried to do. Tinnitus is actually a tool for me at times. It tells me when I'm stressed or relaxed. It tells me if my blood sugar is up or down. That's all for today. I will check back and I would also like to see the link The lady found to downloading the program Tinnitus Terminator without paying for it.
      What the heck? Now, where is the edit button? Found it!
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      A warm welcome to Tinnitus Talk June.
      Have a read around the board's and I'm sure you will find information on Tinnitus Terminator and other treatments and you can make up your own mind up on them .
      Always read the small print and reviews before parting with any money to any kind of treatments .
      Read up on the treatment thread......lots of love glynis
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      Welcome June, and I agree with the need to read up on forms of management and what may work for you.

      The reason for my quoting you? Well, it made me smile as my hair colour has been (and continues to be) different month on month!


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