Using an Indoor Turbo Trainer — Any Risk for Hearing / Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Karen1979, Jul 19, 2021.

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      Hi all,

      I have had tinnitus for around 6 months now and I’m slowly getting my life back on track. It’s still very much there but it doesn’t affect me like it used to.

      I tried to return the gym and found the crashing weights spiked me every time so I’m trying to exercise at home.

      I have an indoor turbo trainer... it’s a bit rubbish and vibrates (and spikes my tinnitus) so I’m looking to buy a new one... I’ve found one that is called The Silencer and the decibels have been measured around 59-64. Do you think this type of turbo trainer could be ok? I’m also going to move it into a room with carpet to also reduce the vibrations.

      Any advice would be appreciated.
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      Hey there, glad that your tinnitus isn't affecting you too badly... as far as the turbo trainer is concerned, I hate to say it and everybody is different so it's hard to know, but I would say that 64 decibels might really be getting on the high end of your comfort zone sound wise...
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      I don't know what a "turbo trainer" is or what the equivalent of 64dB might be, but I used to train an hour a day on a recumbent exercise bike in my bedroom without any hearing protection and it didn't worsen my tinnitus.

      Nowadays I workout in my local gym about 90 minutes each day, with foam earplugs in, and noises such as people dropping weights and running on treadmills don't cause me spikes. If someone is really going for it on a treadmill though, for example, and I'm nearby, I bring my ear defenders in my backpack to double up the protection.


      That said, all of the above, I began doing years after the onset of my tinnitus. I think 6 months in is a different story. Don't blame you for avoiding the gym to be honest, but the exercise machine sounds like it should be alright.
    4. Forever hopeful

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      I’m really glad to hear that you’re doing better. It sounds like you still have very reactive tinnitus. So I guess it’s really hard to gauge what decibel level will set it off. I’m really sorry about that. That makes things really hard.

      60 dB is considered normal conversation. So if normal conversation doesn’t affect you then I would say 64 dB would probably be OK. You also might want to invest in a pair of custom made musicians ear plugs. That might make it easier for you and also easier for you to return to the gym. I love mine. Used them on a flight home and didn’t have any problems. The dB level in the plane range between 78 to 84 dB so, except on take off - that was much higher.

      Good luck.
    5. Alex Kerr

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      Is there any particular reason you want to use a turbo trainer? What are your goals?

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