Valium for Anxiety and Sleep

Discussion in 'Support' started by bhira, Apr 30, 2016.

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      Hello everyone, I recently joined the forum and was looking for some feedback on what everyone thinks about taking valium for sleep and anxiety. I used the search and it gets overwhelming trying to read everything, sorry if it's the same topic all over again. My doctor prescribed it to me today and I literally just picked it up and am planning to try it tonight to hopefully get some much needed sleep because I've already tried some of the natural alternatives and they're not helping me. It's a 5mg tablet which my doctor said I could cut in half and take one at night and one in the day if I can function ok on it and if I needed it for anxiety which at this point I do. I'm already on ambien from before my recent onset of T, but I feel kinda scared of taking the valium. My question is should I be? And how was others reaction to taking anti anxiety meds because I dont want to get addicted and suffer from really bad withdrawals later. Thanks
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      Valium will help you sleep and help anxiety for a short period as its adictive if on it to long.
      There are sleeping tablets or a low dose Amitryptaline that you can take for a longer time ....lots of love glynis
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      My doctor gave me that too. I only take it when I have need it. I took it the first three nights bc it helped with my aniexty. I would cut in half too. The last time I took it was last Thursday and it was because I got a minor spike. I only take it as a clutch. Good luck to yiu
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      I take 2mg diazepam and 20mg amatrypline

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