Vertigo & Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pwietypoe, Jan 10, 2015.

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      Hi everyone,

      So my father is a victim of tinnitus. Actually he has had it since a few years but he didnt tell anyone until recently two years ago because it got worse. Anyways, few weeks ago, his tinnitus got really worse and he started sweating like crazy and he got extremely dizzy. Can anybody explain the relationship between dizziness and tinnitus? I thought tinnitus is only when there's ringing in the ears... whys he getting dizzy? Also, do you guys know how it could be stopped?

      Thanks guys! <3

      -- Pwietypoe
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      mild since ´90 ´s. severe ->2013 on
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      Meniere´s Disease/acoustic trauma?
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      @MichealM: Thanks for the response, I'll look through it. However, his heart is normal because he had a full body checkup recently. How can the noise be more bearable? Because he sometimes spaces out....
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      @MichaelM That's a good web site with of lots of info. I book-marked it for later review.

      I had some symptoms like a fear of heights which I felt was more than usual for me, for some unknown reason. It was weird, but it was real. I should of gone to the doctor then, before the Tinnitus hit me. I didn't make it to the ENT until my ears were ringing loud, not that they did anything for me.

      Get your father to the hearing doctor and maybe the ENT and ask them - how can it be stopped? He could be loosing his hearing? You know I'm really Not the one to say that, because I don't know. I just felt I got there too late. Try to reach out to the medical industry, Doctors, see what they say. Welcome to the forum.
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      @James, thanks for your reply. I'll take him to the doctor immediately. I just hope its not too bad but I do know that the doctor said that he has tinnitus and that the ringing will stay like that forever...
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      have they checked his blood pressure/? dizziness and sweating are signs of blood pressure issues.

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