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      Greetings all.. I'm new to this forum.. Was wondering if anyone has to deal with vertigo( like me).. Usually when my T level is high
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      Hi bassman. No vertigo, but i'm having serious T today, with Hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound). Driving me crazy right now. Super dizzy. I have a neighbor who had vertigo with T recently. Said she couldn't even get outta bed. Sorry to hear, Bassman:(
    3. AUTHOR

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      Thx for ur input Heather.. I'm thinking I'm pre hyperacusis but I prefer not to go there.. I'm hoping u & ur neighbor are feeling better.. I'm hoping that this forum will bring lots of info & support.. Thx again
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      Hi Bassman, have you tried some natural remedies for the vertigo? Ginger is known to be a great vertigo remedy and can help you get through those bouts. I've also used divertigo before, it's an essential oil that you drop behind the ears. It worked pretty quickly for me. Hope it will work for you too!
    5. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Welcome to TinnitusTalk Bassman,
      I have vertigo and take proclorperazine and Betahistine to help for menieĊ•es...lots of love glynis

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