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Have you tried "Sonus Complete" and did it help?

  1. Yes I tried it but it didn't make any difference.

  2. Yes I tried it and it helped.

  3. No I have not tried it.

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    1. RabbitManAries

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      Perth, Western Australia
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      New member. I'm a tinnitus veteran but only just decided to give this some attention. I detailed my experience in my profile. Despite a quite loud piercing shriek, I don't find much problem with it. I can tune it out mentally usually unless I am in a quiet place alone. Of course, focusing on it definitely makes it much more obvious and when I allow myself to do this, I do become very frustrated since I love silence sometimes. Or at least I think I did. It has been so long since I could experience silence because of it that maybe I just think so but yes pretty sure I would love it. I'm quite sure there is a cure, because I don't believe in incurable. Hopefully, if it isn't yet found I will find it as I already did find a cure for heart disease and that was so simple and cheap even. I don't doubt the cure will be natural either. My firm belief is that all ailments have solutions right here on our planet which naturally evolved alongside us. Some faith in there, sure I give God credit for it but He can only provide us with the water. It is up to us to find it and drink it.

      My first try is of SONUS. I can see it got short shrift around here so I'm not especially excited about it but I feel like it is worth a try. The presentation leaves me cold. Aussies don't respond well to the hot sell technique but the ideas seem sound enough. I know from experience with my cardio cure how difficult it can be for people to believe a cure exists for chronic illness and how resistant they can be even to the point of dying from it whilst I am offering them the fast and simple solution. Everyone's tinnitus is not the same either as I can clearly see from reading others' experiences so no doubt treatments/cures will be varied also.

      It makes me sad to hear how badly this to me minor curse can affect some people's lives. I guess that too depends on the person. Some like me may handle a fairly severe case OK whilst others will end up suicidal at half the volume. I always felt mine was affected by if not necessarily caused by electrical fields. I recently bought a field strength meter to start investigating if this is true. I can't remember a time I didn't have this but there must have been a start. Probably when I was an office machines technician and it was masked somewhat by the electronic squeal from the machinery I repaired and used, for example, ultrasonic baths so I didn't notice it as my own thing for a while.
    2. MrCrybaby

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      2014, 10/2019
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      School Band, Noxious Car Radio
      All supplements for tinnitus are a scam. Supplements are unregulated, so many companies make blatantly false claims on their products.

      There are many potential cures currently in development by biomedical companies. The main treatment pathway is repairing the nerves and cells of the inner ear. You likely have hearing loss from the machinery you used to work with. Read about them on the research forum. Do not waste your money on scam supplements.
    3. Tybs

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      Fall from stairs
      If you want to spend money on something, then you could give Lenire a try: at least that one has a scientific background and can actually bring a change. Be warned though that results differ a lot between users, waiting it out for a while so they can fix the "bugs" could be worthwhile.

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