Was Listening to Music on Headphones Just a Few Nights Ago and Got Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Moomoomooo, May 30, 2020.

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      So basically as the title says. Was listening to music and just as I got done I took my headphones off and was going to go to sleep. Then the ringing started. At first I didn't really think much of it. I would get that ringing in my ear once in a blue moon. My parents would joke that if you got ringing in your ear that someone was thinking of you. So naturally I think that what it was. Then it didn't stop and I noticed it was in both ears. I then start thinking that maybe its just my computer/phone making a high pitched noise. Turn off my computer and unplug my phone. Its still there... I go to another room and its still ringing.

      So its been a little over a day or so now and I think it has gotten better? The ringing isnt as loud as it was when I first noticed it so fingers crossed its just acute. I also saw when I was looking up stuff on the web about TMJ and im thinking that could also be somewhat of the issue. The fact that I hear the ringing after listening to music and lying my head down leads me to believe it could very well be TMJ. I sleep on my stomach/side almost every night. Very rarely do I actually sleep on my back WHICH I have been doing recently. Also my jaw does feel somewhat sore. This could very well be Placebo but im going to continue sleeping on my back and having just about everything I listen to on a much lower volume.

      Lastly I have not went to a doctor or anyone yet. I'm currently unemployed and not on any medical insurance at this time so I do not want to go unless it starts getting worse.

      Oh and final last thing. As I was writing this I noticed one of my ears kinda cleared up. I still hear it in both *from what I can tell* but for a split second I swore that it was gone in one of my ears.
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      Dunno. Started after blocked ears + stress/anxiety.
      Don't use headphones for a while. If you noticed yours after using them, it's probably noise induced. Give your ears some real good rest (months, up to a year or two) and if it goes away, do your very best to protect your ears from then on.

      That said, I really hope it goes for you.
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      Noise induced

      Exposure to loud noise is the most common cause of tinnitus and Headphones are typically responsible for it. If you continue using headphones even at low volume, then you risk your tinnitus becoming worse. Therefore, I advise you to stop using them.

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