We Get Tinnitus Because of Small Places?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hunszi, Nov 23, 2015.

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      I`m just wondering, somebody got severe T after an outdoor concert?

      My really mild T started in a small club, then I went to concerts, festivals, big clubs etc. with no problem for years. Then I went to a really small club, actually it was a basement and from all of a sudden my T increased with a mile in the morning after the party :(

      So I`m just wondering...I got an increase because of the constant partying and my ears just said "I had enough" or because that small place alone and it`s nothing to do with 8 years of clubing? 110db in an open area or 110db in a closed space is more devastating? I guess the later.I`m just crushing my head into the wall all the time, why I was so stupid to go that small place.

      40.000people attended festival doesn`t left their mark on me just two small clubs
    2. Nucleo

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      The indoor concerts were likely significantly louder than the other concerts you went to. 110 db is 110 db no matter if it is indoor or outdoor.
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      Hi Hunszi,
      Your ears were telling you they don't like loud sound and indoor sound is amplified more than out side.
      To late now to blame your self but now need to deal with your sound and the unwanted emotions it can bring ...

      we will all be here to support you if you need us.
      Try stay calm and relax and start a new day tomorrow learning to adapt with tinnitus and make a appointment see your doctor...lots of love glynis
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      sound definitely resonates more in tight indoor spaces, but plenty of people get hearing damage at outdoor events, too.

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