Weightlifting Causing Temporary Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Liam_Cairns, Aug 24, 2019.

    1. Liam_Cairns

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      Originally loud Music and was worsened by Micro-suction
      I've been going back to the gym to try and lose all the weight I gained from prednisone and I have noticed something quite worrying.

      Every time I do something strenuous like squatting I find that around two to three days later my ears become incredibly sensitive to sound and my ears just feel sore in general.

      This period of sensitivity normally lasts around two to three days and then returns to normal.

      My gym is not loud and I wear foam earplugs so there is no chance it's noise-induced. I have also tested this many times over the past 8 months to make sure that I am correct and like clockwork, it happens every time I weightlift.

      Could this be an undiagnosed perilymph fistula? Is it safe for me to continue weightlifting?

      I had my hearing checked immediately after I went to the gym and there was 0 change in my hearing from 125 Hz to 18 kHz.

      If anyone could provide any insight I would be most appreciative. I am worried that this could be contributing to my worsening tinnitus.
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    2. GregCA

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      I used to feel my ear drum "flutter" when I would bend down forward. Also if I would do anything strenuous, such as trying to open a jar or unscrew a sprinkler head, I would also feel it in my ear.

      I asked my (ear) surgeon about it. He explained to me that there are connections from various parts of the body to the middle ear, albeit very indirect sometimes. That means you could be exerting some force somewhere in your body, and that would have some repercussions in your middle ear.
    3. dayma

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      I am a runner and lifter. Any time I do exercise my T will modulate but then settle back down after. I never noticed it effecting me days later though.
    4. JohnAdams

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      May 1st 2018
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      How much weight do you lift?
    5. Daniel Lion

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      Noise trauma, hearing loss
      Hi Liam,

      Is it possible to change your fitness routine and journal it.
      Perhaps more reps and a lighter load.
      Cardio of course.
      Perhaps just a little less strain may do the trick.
      Keep fit and let us know how you go.
    6. Dana

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      I used to have the same problem. Coming back from the market with heavy bags, after putting them down my pulsatile tinnitus (which is on top of my tonal tinnitus, different tones in each ear) was starting again, very aggressive and scary, after which it was coming down.

      I think it has to do with the pressure, the blood flow.

      Because of the impact on my ears the physical activity, I began to avoiding it, and I also began to gain weight.

      Avoiding physical activity is not the solution, but changing it and instead having some form of exercise that does not affect the ears.

      It seems lifting weight is the worse.

      Some people had their tinnitus started during physical activity, that big is the connection.

      Blood flow, what else?

      Tinnitus starts also when there's too little blood flow, or too much.
    7. Tex

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      Noise Exposure
      I agree with the blood flow theory, especially if you are lifting heavy weights. I knew a high school age power lifter that had a vein burst in his eye. He was lifting that much weight.
    8. Backpacker

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      If something feels wrong, don't do it. The majority of doctors are not familiar with PLF and they will tell you you can go scuba diving if you want, let alone flying, weightlifting, working in loud environment and attending concerts. You literaly have to go to a PLF specialist if you want to see if you really have it or no. I know nothing about doctors in Australia. You have to search for a person who treats PLF often, because every regular ent doctor, no matter how "good" and famous he is, will not even think about it if you do not have severe vertigo or hearing loss.
    9. tiniturtle

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      Did you ever have that properly evaluated? You shouldn't ignore it and deal with it.
    10. Badger19

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      It has no influence on my hyperacusis. I do have to say that I don't lift very heavy.

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