What Can My Church Do to Help Those with Hearing Issues?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Warchop, Sep 25, 2022.

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      Time to time, my church will ask questions about hearing issues. I always frame things around I’m not a doctor...

      The band is too loud, but they say that it is within safety parameters < 85 dB, etc...

      If anyone can speak with authority on this topic, what are some things my church (or other loud venue) can do to help support folks with hearing issues?
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      Noise exposure?
      Don't go to these events!
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      Idiopathic Cochleopathy or Maybe Loud Music
      I suppose they could not blast people's ears with loud noises such as loud bands, chanting or bells? That's unlikely though, so maybe quit going to church?
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    4. Lilah

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      If you feel that the band, speakers, etc. are too loud, you always inform the church about this. Your church can offer free foam earplugs, perhaps at the church entrance. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done. My church also has a "welcome area" right outside the sanctuary with a monitor showing the live service at low volume, so sometimes if people arrived late, etc. they prefer to sit there. There are also snacks/coffee in the welcome area, which are not allowed in the sanctuary, and sometimes people are finishing up their coffee, etc. That could be option for your church as well - to show the service live on a screen in another room. Keep in the mind that many going to church are elderly and already having hearing loss, so they may not perceive loud noise as well.
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    5. AnthonyMcDonald

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      Noise induced
      Don't go to this church. One thing I've learned is that no one gives a damn about your ears except you. Stay safe.
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      turning everything up to 11
      A lot of venues use dBc levels to restrict PA volume since live audio tends to be very bottom heavy. A lot of sound engineers hate this because it means they can't crank the volume as high as when it's measured in dBa. I think most of them agree the sweet spot is around 100-105 dBa.

      Do what you will with that knowledge.
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      You can ask them to pray real hard that the big guy gives us a cure.
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