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Discussion in 'Support' started by samxoo, Jun 16, 2014.

    1. samxoo

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      hello people, this is a tinitus sufferer asking another one for some advice on how to cope.

      my T is 7 months old and i was getting along pretty much ok until last week. Now i feel like im back to square 1.
      I agree i have developped many fears since all this started and they areonly making things worst. I have to deal with the noises and the fears. At times i would just sit in my room and not talk to anybody coz im even starting to fear the way my voice is sounding inside my head :(

      i dont know what to do.. how to go through each days and feel happy again.
      im constantly restless and this stops me from enjoying my time and forgetting my fears..

      some advice would be very well taken please :(
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      Its a fair guess You probably have patulous Eustachian tube disfunction. . Its a type of etd where the tubes stay open without closing..
      Have you checked with a doctor yet ? I remind you again this is only a guess from what u say.. u should definitely get urself checked by a doctor. . Simple endoscopy examination will help confirm etd.. they will stick a camera up ur nose to determine if the tubes are working or not....its only takes few minutes
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      Just saw ur profile petd occurs mostly for females ...
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      not sure
      Sorry to hear of your suffering right now, Samxoo. It looks like you have a phobia of the ringing sound which may cause many distorted thoughts about your situation. You need to read Dr. Nagler's writing 'Letter to a Tinnitus Sufferer'. You need to learn to counter those distorted thoughts with more realistic and positive ones. Take this one day at a time, step by step approach to help ease your fear for T. Most of us had our days fearing T and worrying what it can do to our future life. But many have recovered and wrote their success stories. So do read those success stories up to learn some wisdom from others. Take care.
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    5. VinceM

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      My Dr took a full MRI scan of the head/neck / ET , looking for acoustic neuroma. AFAIK, there is no acoustic neuroma.

      I am using a Mg-Ca-D2 supplement, and separate B12, and separate fish oil tablet. Seems the lower the pain and perception of the T. There are Mayo Clinc trials that are positive on Mg treatment.

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