What's Going On with My Tinnitus? Is This a Spike?

Discussion in 'Support' started by amymilly, Jul 29, 2016.

    1. amymilly

      amymilly Member

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      20 May 2016
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Perforated ear drum
      Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had any answers/support for me.
      I developed tinnitus from a perforated ear drum 2 months ago now.
      After the sheer panic wore off. I was kind of getting used to the crackling, hissing noise in my ear. I started sleeping in silence and although I could still hear it. It wasn't alarming me. And I was able to sleep. But the past 3 days my ears seem all over the place I feel I have tinnitus come in my other ear. I don't even know.
      I have the standard hissing. But now a high pitch squeal which sounds more in my head than my ears. I slept last night woke up it was gone. Went in the shower and it was back. My anxiety is going crazy again. I wish this had an off switch.
      Is this a spike I'm having. ?
      I don't know too much about this yet. Iv read all crazy stuff online.
      But what can cause them? I don't leave the house much (I'm on maternity leave) and I'm keeping well away from loud noises. :(
    2. Alexf9454

      Alexf9454 Member

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      Still investigating. TMJ maybe
      My T began strictly on the left, as well as jaw / temporal / ear-canal pain. Guess what ? It moved to the right the day the pain did migrate. Now it's sometimes on the left (very piercing), sometimes on the right (far more soft and lower pitched), sometimes in the middle of the skull.
      I'm very early in (a bit more than two months), but it looks like fluctuating / moving T is the rule out there.
    3. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Amy,
      As you have had a recent perforation I would have your ears checked for any infection to rule it out and know if it's a spike.
      Try not let anxiety take hold as it will feed the tinnitus and probably the cause of the sound in your head.

      The emotional response can be hard but be reassured we are here for you around the clock.
      Try relax and stay positive it should settle down soon ...lots of love glynis
    4. AUTHOR

      amymilly Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      20 May 2016
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Perforated ear drum
      Oh right. It's awful isn't it
      Do does this quiet down to how I was last week. Or it this something new to get used to @Alexf9454
      I'm struggling getting use to it. It came the other night. I went to sleep. Woke up yesterday. Went in the shower it was back the entire day. Went to sleep it had gone again. Until i had a shower again. Then it was back. Now I'm back to listening to my ears in quiet rooms. And back to square one when it first started :(

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