When I Lie Down on My Left Side, My Tinnitus Fades — Indicating Any Reason of Me Getting Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by dorje, Dec 10, 2017.

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      When I wake up in the morning my tinnitus is quite faint, only then it develops slowly. I have it only in my left ear and I try to sleep on my left side of body because I noticed it helps me. Also when I lie down during the day resting, on my left side of body, my tinnitus sometimes fades.

      I also have kind of vibration "in my ear" (but not tinnitus, I can clearly distinguish those two sounds), it's like between my ear and my neck, it's not pulsation (I mean according to my pulse - it's one steady "vibration') and it disappears when I move my neck, but not for long. This one I have only when I sit or lie still, very rarely when I move around. I've had for last few months.

      I wonder if my body position, I mean lying on my left side and my tinnitus fading, can indicate any reason of me getting tinnitus?
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