Where Do the Noises Come from?!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Penelope33, Jan 22, 2014.

    1. Penelope33

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      October 2013
      Just wondering where the bloody hell these tinnitus noises come from?! It's so baffling. Does anyone know much about it?

      Mine are not from hearing loss or loud noise so I presume no hair cell damage...
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    2. LeQuack

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      Bad luck and bad genes
      They come from hell.
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    3. Stina

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      Some theories suggest that it is hyperactive neurons, e.g., it is actually a neurological problem.
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    4. Gman45

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      Concussion or ETD
      I often wonder this same thing. I know it's neurons, but it's odd because our brains are always firing immeasurable neurons since birth. Tinnitus feels like we are hearing something that is happening in our head, and I guess we sort of are. Still, I think LeQuack was right on above with, "they come from hell". Yep, I can see that.
    5. DRobi

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      The sounds come from the auditory cortex part of the brain; that has been proven by brain imaging studies. The most prevalent theory is that some disruption in the communication between the ears and the auditory cortex (loud noise, ear infection, age related hearing loss, etc.) sets off a standing pattern of hyperactivity of neurons in the auditory cortex. Why the brain does not naturally resolve this imbalance and hyperactivity is a real mystery, and that is probably where a cure will come from, if ever.

      Other than this explanation, I would agree that it is Satan's symphony.
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    6. AliasM

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      Botched lumbar puncture, CSF leak
      Mine started after sudden daily onset of headaches after gym injury. I've joined high spinal fluid pressure groups, and groups for people with spinal fluid leaks, and in both groups, people complain of tinnitus.

      My hearing test is good. Yes I know I could have loss beyond 8 kHz but I really don't think noise damage is it for me. But then I wonder how in hell I got hyperacusis if it isn't my ears.

      I don't know the science to be honest and neither does any doctor I have ever spoken with.
    7. Matchbox

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      BC Canada
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      Noise Induced, Prednisone (drones), Barotrauma (distortions)
      Our brains aren't perfect and can fuck up how to handle hearing loss.
    8. DreiT

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      Benzo caffeine insomnia earbuds
      I hate our traitor brains sometimes.
    9. Phillip Briganti

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      The brain.

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