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Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by amandine, Mar 23, 2015.

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    1. amandine

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      Dr Nagler,
      I hope that you are now feeling much better in your self.

      i see that you are starting back to answer some questions on this forum now so I am hoping if it is okay to ask this question.

      I remain confused on this subject below and thought that you are the very best person to ask.

      It is with regard to the white noise generators that are worn with TRT.
      I have read and been told that people doing TRT have found these white noise generators help a great deal with their T and dramatically affect the intensity of the T felt or experienced.

      I have also been told by others that one can get an mp3 player for 10 dollars and wear earphones or earbuds and play the white noise on this as well and that this is the very same thing.

      Please could you clarify if there is any difference between the white noise generators given for TRT and how they are administered IE are they adjusted individually for each person / and the idea that the mp3 player does the same thing.

      This s a topic that has been discussed in private discussion. Some people have been very assertive in their claim that the mp3 player does the same thing as the white noise generators.

      Finally, I have seen white noise generators up for sale second hand. I am wondering if it is possible to purchase second hand white noise generators IE will they work like that or do they have to be purchased from the person giving the therapy and adjusted by the person giving the therapy....alas as you may understand the second hand generators are much much cheaper which is an important consideration.

      Thank you so much for giving the time to read this and hope you can answer this.
      I do hope that I have not been intrusive during this time of your recuperation.
      many thanks as always for your expertise
      with best wishes to you and your family

      PS: I have added a poll to see other peoples experiences as it is interesting to know how these generators have positively or not affected others and why yes or no. Hope you dont mind this poll. First time I have created a poll so hope I have done it correctly....
    2. Dr. Nagler

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      I am feeling quite wonderful. I did exactly what I tell my own patients to do under such circumstances, and it worked out great. Thank you for asking.

      Just to be clear here. What you are describing is the masking (or partial masking) effect of white noise. It has nothing to do with TRT.

      It is. You can achieve the very same masking or partial masking effect of white noise using earphones or earbuds. But again, it has nothing to do with TRT.

      Sure. In TRT, the broadband sound (so-called "white noise") must be delivered in a manner that does not occlude the ear canal. Both earphones and earbuds occlude the ear canal. They do not totally block the ear canal, of course. But they occlude it too much to be used for TRT. Also, in TRT you become unaware of the broadband sound as well as the devices within a few minutes and remain unaware of both throughout the day. That does not happen with white noise delivered through earphones and earbuds, where there are wires. Plus, you have to remove the earphones and earbuds to participate in quiet conversation. The idea in TRT is that neither the broadband sound nor the devices intrude into conversation or daily activities in any way. Also, in TRT the devices must be set individually. Often the volume of broadband sound going into the left ear needs to be different than the volume of broadband sound going into the right ear. I do not know how that can be accomplished with an mp3 player. In any case, it is the wearer who adjusts the volume - so in that specific regard there is no difference.

      They are correct - as long as you are using the white noise to achieve masking or partial masking. But if you are doing TRT, they are dead wrong. Plus, of course, in TRT there is the very essential counseling component.

      Sure. Second-hand devices would work fine for TRT, especially since we now only very rarely use custom molds in TRT. The adjustment in volume in TRT is done by the wearer, not by the clinician. I must again stress that aside from the evaluation, the clinician's most important role in TRT lies in the counseling component. In fact, in my own clinic we do not sell any devices at all. Patients are free to obtain them wherever they like. Turns out that the audiologist next door offers them for the lowest price I have ever seen anywhere, but I have absolutely nothing to do with that transaction and do not benefit financially in any way.

      I would prefer not to have polls on my Doctors' Corner forum and have deleted yours. Please feel free to introduce your poll on the Support forum or Treatment forum.

      stephen nagler

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