Will Losing Weight Help Me with My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by 0119, Nov 11, 2018.

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      Hello, I am 20 and I got my tinnitus last year around June. Since last week it has gotten much worse. I hear it in the day too, and at night its unbearable.

      I have also gained some weight since last 2 years, can that be the reason for my tinnitus?

      I have read online that weight can also be a factor for tinnitus. Although I am not over weight, I have gained at least 20 pounds since 2 years.

      Do you think my tinnitus can go away if I lose weight?
    2. juliob

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      Antidepressants / Loud Sound Exposure
      It's hard to say, but consider this: aerobics are known for their anti-stress properties in short and long term. It can help with the obsession/anxiety triggered by tinnitus, which reduces tinnitus itself.

      If there is also this weight relationship and aerobics don't do any harm on tinnitus, it's a win-win.
    3. JohnAdams

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      it started.
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      hearing loss
      Can't hurt to try.
    4. coffee_girl

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      All my life, but got worse 2016
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      Noise induced / Concert
      Why not, at the very worst you'll be healthy and happy.
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      TMD, Noise?
      Losing weight can reduce inflammation, which may also help calm your tinnitus. As long as you lose weight sensibly, it can only help with all sorts of health problems, so you have nothing to lose.
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    6. Red

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      Noise Exposure (Headphones)
      It won't cure your tinnitus. But exercise promotes production of oxytocin, the happiness hormone. Which won't necessarily make you happy but can improve your mood. Improving your mood can help you cope better and distract you from tinnitus. The more you are distracted the more you help habituate.
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      10/2012, 03/2016, 05/2017, 05/2018
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      noise + 3 major increases via (shouting / MRI/ flu+Tylenol)
      lost 30 lbs, no change in tinnitus unfortunately
    8. EDDTEKK

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      Noise Exposure
      Try Yoga or any diet for 3 months and see the result. Nobody can tell you the outcome.
    9. MBH

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      Overloaded stress
      When I first got tinnitus I lost about 20 lbs, to me it's not a way to lose weight.

      Later on yes nice to have lost weight but did nothing to help my tinnitus.

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