Woke Up to Reactive Tinnitus or Distorted Hearing in My Right Ear on Labor Day

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      Hi everyone!

      I joined because since Labor Day I woke up to reactive tinnitus in my right ear. My left ear has always had a steady low tinnitus that doesn't bother me at all.

      Now my right ear responds to any high pitched sound such as water and dishes with ring sounds.

      What is strange is that it stops as soon as the high pitches sound stops. In a quiet room it is quiet, in a noisy room it makes the ring noise. It almost acts like a type of distortion.

      The ENT doctor said I have nerve damage and I am scheduled to go to the Cleveland Clinic Tinnitus Office.

      For anyone who has something similar, do you have any coping or treatment strategies?
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      Noise induced

      From what you describe you might have noise induced tinnitus, especially if you listen to music regularly through headphones, and may not have realized that you listened at too high a volume. If you regularly attended clubs or concerts this can cause tinnitus too. Hyperacusis, sensitivity to sound that some people call Reactive tinnitus is usually a result of exposure to loud sound. Please read the post below about Reactive Tinnitus, that I recently wrote in this forum.

      Please click on the links below for treatment and coping strategies,


      Many people that are new to noise induced tinnitus will experience what you are going through at the moment. Your reactive tinnitus is actually: Hyperacusis, an oversensitivity to the auditory system and often accompanies Noise induced tinnitus. The term Reactive tinnitus was made up in tinnitus forums and is frequently used to describe this oversensitivity to sound that you are experiencing. However, there is no such condition. Those reading this post and wish to challenge me on it, will get no reply as I have discussed RT many times in this forum. Some in the medical profession have latched on to this word and attempted to make it into a condition that is treatable alongside hyperacusis. Please do not get swept into believing it because it isn't true.

      It will take time for your tinnitus and auditory system to recover from the noise trauma. This may require seeing a Hearing Therapist or Audiologist trained in tinnitus and hyperacusis management and treatment. Contrary to what some people believe, hyperacusis is treatable and can be completely cured in many instances, with or without specialist treatment. Please keep in mind, if hyperacusis does not improve naturally over time or specialist treatment is not sought, it will always remain a problem and will manifest itself by one's continuous oversensitivity to sound resulting in tinnitus spiking.

      Some people address this anomaly by using earplugs and abstaining from certain sounds in normal everyday environment. What often isn't realized, this can make the tinnitus and oversensitivity worse, and thus becoming a vicious circle without beginning or end. It is treatment that is required not earplugs and deliberately keeping away from normal everyday sounds.

      If you want to help yourself I advise using sound enrichment whenever possible and particularly at night. Someone with tinnitus and hyperacusis that sleeps in a quiet room risks making the conditions worse. Please click on the links below and read my articles which explain tinnitus, hyperacusis and sound enrichment in more detail.
      I advise you not to use headphones even at low volume as you risk making your tinnitus and hyperacusis worse.


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